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Journal of Marketing Education, 42(3)


Editor’ Corner

Sales Education and Training 2.0
James (Jimmy) Peltier and Dawn Deeter-Schmelz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Critical Review of the Literature for Sales Educators 2.0
Shannon Cummins, Blake Nielson, James W. Peltier, and Dawn Deeter-Schmelz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales Education in the United States: Perspectives on Curriculum and Teaching Practices
Lisa D. Spiller, Dae-Hee Kim, and Troy Aitken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Path to Sales Center Leadership: Key Differences Between Academic and Practitioner Leaders
Nawar N. Chaker, Andrea L. Dixon, and Katerina E. Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Everyone’s a Winner: The Initiation and Effectiveness of an Intracollegiate Sales Competition
Sarah R. Magnotta, Plamen Peev, and Erin Steffes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Running With Your Hair on Fire: Lessons Learned From Transitioning a National University Sales Competition From Face-to-Face to Virtual in 16 Days
Scott Inks, Kenyatta Barber, Terry W. Loe, and Lukas P. Forbes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Technology-Based Sales Support Materials Make a Difference in Personal Selling? The Impact of Technology Usage by Gender in the Personal Selling Process
Youngsu Lee and Timothy Heinze [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling-to-Teach: A Didactical Look at the Natural Integration Between Teaching and Selling
Cindy B. Rippé, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, and Yuliya Yurova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales Student Preconceptions and a Novel Approach to Sales Curriculum Mapping: Insights, Implications, and Application for Sales Educators
Robert W. Hammond [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales Education for Engineering Students: What Drives Interest and Choice?
Joseph I. Scott and Frederik Beuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Call for papers

Special Issue Call for Papers: Tales of the Unexpected: Teaching Turmoil and Triumphs in Times of Crisis
[Publisher] [Google Scholar]