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International Conference of Marketing, Strategy & Policy Research Center, 10-11 Dec 2020; Deadline 15 Nov

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Author: Pantea Foroudi

4th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy & Policy Research Center

December 10-11, 2020

Building Resilient Business Models

Businesses suffered when retail managers refused to cooperate with marketing managers who wanted to support sales managers because they were struggling to meet their sales targets and consumers were feeling insecure about their health and unsafe to touch products or groceries. Simultaneously, many people had no opportunity to even speak to their loved ones before they left for heavenly abode. Due to various reasons like this, COVID-19 had serious implications on emotional, social and economic health of individuals at personal and/or commercial front. To address the crisis, scientists started working on finding cures and vaccination, while governments globally made best efforts to implement safety measures with policies like social distancing, use of masks and hand washing along with shopping hours for senior citizens to control and minimize the damage. Simultaneously, businesses that had moral obligation to keep their supplies up and running during the most challenging time like food factories, retail outlets and logistics providers were struggling to manage safety of their staff and customers together. Even after almost six months of eruption of pandemic, one of the major challenge companies are facing is to deal with continuing evolution of the situation. The major concerns of businesses during this time has been adapting to the situation, particularly related to the supply chain because it needs individuals to travel to deliver when every person wants to stay at home for feeling safe. During this time, when health workers were reporting shortage of oxygen cylinders and testing equipment, the crippled supply chains were struggling with geopolitical issues like origin of virus amidst slogans of not only saving lives and livelihoods, but also Black Lives Matter movements of civil disobedience.

CONFERENCE KEY NOTE SPEAKERS: Prof V Kumar, Prof Xiaolan Fu, Prof Pawan Budhwar, Prof Subodha kumar, and Prof Michael Czinkota




Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE)

FACILITATORS: Prof. Paul Hibbert, Editor; Dr Clare Rigg, Associate Editor

Journal Associations

Meet the Editors

Journal of Business Research
British Journal of Management
Academy of Management Learning & Education
Production & Operations Management
Journal of Retailing

Selected best papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit their papers to be considered for publication by Journal of Business Research.

Journal Special Issues

Corporate Reputation Review: Place identity/branding, reputation and e-marketing: Solutions during and after global pandemic crisis

European Journal of International Management: Sustainable Orientation of Consumer Generations: COVID-19 and Crisis Impact on Global Community

European Journal of International Management: The foreign investment decision process in times of digital transformation – A tribute to Yair Aharoni

Sustainability: Sustainable Tourism in International Context: Solutions during and after Global Pandemic Crisis

Executive Board of the Conference

Prof Suraksha Gupta, Newcastle University, UK
Dr Yichuan Wang, Sheffield University, UK
Dr Pantea Foroudi, Middlesex University, UK
Dr Rama Kanungo, Newcastle University, UK
Dr Francesco Schiavone, University Parthenope, Italy
Dr Parth Patel,Australian Institute of Business, Australia
Dr Yousra Asaad, Brunel University, UK
Dr Sena Ozdemir, Lancaster University, UK
Prof Kavita Sharma, University of Delhi, India
Dr Hema Yadav, National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, India

Submit your Abstract or Extended Abstract or Manuscript by: November 15, 2020

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