Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 37(11)


Appetite for destruction: Counterintuitive effects of attractive faces on people’s food choices
Tobias Otterbring [Google Scholar]

Does it really hurt? Making sense of varieties of anger
Paolo Antonetti, Benedetta Crisafulli, Constantine S. Katsikeas [Google Scholar]

Embrace the debate: Goals, de‐marketing overconsumption, and conflicting information
Liad Bareket‐Bojmel, Amir Grinstein, Yael Steinhart [Google Scholar]

Older is better: Consumers prefer older drugs
Yun Jie [Google Scholar]

Choosing among alternative new product development projects: The role of heuristics
Douglas C. West, Oguz A. Acar, Albert Caruana [Google Scholar]

So happy for your loss: Consumer schadenfreude increases choice satisfaction
Dmytro Moisieiev, Radu Dimitriu, Shailendra P. Jain [Google Scholar]

How online trust evolves over time: The role of social perception
Christine Ye, Charles F. Hofacker, John Peloza, Alexis Allen [Google Scholar]

All eyes on you: The social audience and hedonic adaptation
Sunaina Chugani, Julie R. Irwin [Google Scholar]

When does an ethical attribute matter for product evaluation? The role of warm‐glow feelings for low‐rated products
Valéry Bezençon, Florent Girardin, Renaud Lunardo [Google Scholar]

Payment formats and hedonic consumption
Hsin‐Hsien Liu, Hsuan‐Yi Chou [Google Scholar]

How does face influence the purchase of imitative new products? Moderating roles of product design characteristics
Chengli Shu, Aiqing Liu, Cheryl Nakata [Google Scholar]

Fear Of Missing Out Scale: A self‐concept perspective
Zhuofan Zhang, Fernando R. Jiménez, John E. Cicala [Google Scholar]


Brand Hate: Navigating consumer negativity in the digital world by S. Umit Kucuk
Lia Zarantonello [Google Scholar]