ASA Dissertation Proposal Competition


American Statistical Association Section on Marketing, 2021 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition; Deadline: 13 Nov 2020


Author: Lan Luo

American Statistical Association Section on Marketing 2021

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition

Deadline: November 13, 2020 

American Statistical Association Section on Marketing is pleased to announce our annual Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition. The competition is open to qualified doctoral students worldwide whose dissertation research is at the intersection of marketing and quantitative/statistical methods. Submissions must be received no later than November 13, 2020. We will grant up to two awards, and each winner will receive a cash prize and a plaque. Awards will be announced in December 2020. The doctoral student who receives the award will be invited to present his/her dissertation at the 2021 Joint Statistical Meetings (one of the largest statistical events in the world) Section on Marketing Topic Contribution Session. All submissions must be submitted through

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Students should be doctoral candidates at an accredited university to receive the degree of PhD in marketing, statistics, or related fields (e.g., psychology, economics, management, strategy, etc.).
  • The dissertation work must be less than 50% completed at the time of submission.

Participation in other grant or award programs does not preclude consideration for this award.

Instructions for Submission:  

The applicant should prepare for 3 separate documents for submission:

  • A title page that includes identifying information with title of the dissertation proposal, applicant name & email address & school, etc.
  • A main dissertation proposal document that is at most 20 double-spaced pages, inclusive of all tables/exhibits and references. The first page should be a brief, self-contained summary of the proposal. The rest of the proposal should describe research questions, intended contributions, methods, preliminary results, etc. For blind reviewing purposes, please remove any identifying information (name, school, etc.) from the proposal.
  • A letter from Ph.D. advisor certifying the applicant’s Ph.D. candidacy status and that the applicant has not yet completed more than 50% of his/her dissertation.

The American Statistical Association Section on Marketing Committee will judge submissions on their potential contribution to business and academia, quality of the conceptual development, feasibility, appropriateness of methodology, creativity, etc.

On behalf of the Statistics in Marketing Section of the American Statistical Association. Please feel free to reach out to Prof. Lan Luo (Section Chair) at if you have any questions regarding this submission.

Winners from 2020 American Statistical Association Section on Marketing Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition

  1. Min Kim, University of Maryland, College Park, “Discovering Online Shopping Preference Structures in Large and Frequently Changing Assortments.”
  2. Omid Rafieian, University of Washington, “Adaptive Ad Sequencing.”