SCP Dissertation Proposal Competition


The Society for Consumer Psychology 2020-2021 Dissertation Proposal Competition; Deadline 31 Oct 2020


Author: Shailendra Pratap Jain

The Society for Consumer Psychology 2020-2021 Dissertation Proposal Competition

SCP announces its Annual Dissertation Proposal Competition.

Please submit your proposal, no later than October 31, 2020, to Please make sure to enter “SCP Dissertation Proposal Competition” in the subject line.

The competition

Winning this competition is the highest honor that a doctoral student can receive from SCP, the premier society for researchers in consumer psychology. The names of the winner and the runner-up will be announced at the 2021 Society for Consumer Psychology Virtual Conference (March 4-March 6, 2021). At the time of accepting the awards, the winner and runner-up must be SCP members and registered for the 2021 conference. The winner will also receive a cash award of $1,000.

A key goal of the competition is to provide feedback from accomplished scholars to improve the quality of dissertations in the area of consumer psychology. Therefore, the dissertation should not have been defended at the time it is submitted to SCP (but a successful proposal defense is acceptable). Furthermore, the work should not have been submitted for journal publication.

Submission guidelines

The first page should be the only one containing identifying information. This page will be removed before the proposal is sent to reviewers.

Page 1: Proposal Title and contact information of student and dissertation chair.

Page 2 onwards: Title, abstract (max 150 words) and main body of the proposal (max of 15 pages).

While you do not need to follow a specific structure, please highlight the relevant prior research in consumer psychology, your theorizing, any data that you may have collected, and the intended theoretical and practical contributions of your dissertation. If you have any tables, figures, or appendices, please include them within the 15 pages. The only thing not covered in this 15-page limit are the references at the very end.

Proposals should follow JCP style and conform to 1-inch margins, double-spacing, and 12-point font. All submissions should be submitted as a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

In addition, each submission should include a note from the student’s dissertation chair. This note should be as follows: “I certify that, at the time of submission for the 2020-2021 SCP competition, this dissertation has not been submitted for journal publication, and the final defense has not been held.” (A formal letter is not required. A student can simply submit a PDF of an email from the Chair certifying the above.)

For any questions, please contact Shailendra (Shelly) P. Jain (