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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 35(3)



Price and value: Towards new research perspectives
Patricia Coutelle, Marine Le Gall-Ely, and Arnaud Rivière [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Never too rich to care about prices: Effects of price endings on customer perceptions of luxury
Annalisa Fraccaro and Sandrine Macé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A new geographical pricing model within the principle of geomarketing-mix
Jérôme Baray and Martine Pelé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived image and attitude towards private label brands in emerging countries: What moderation of store association to a local or international retailer?
Mbaye Fall Diallo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mental imagery: A lever for valuing an intangible offer
Ibtissame Abaidi, Sinda Agrebi, Imed Ben Nasr, and Patrice Cottet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue management pricing in the hotel sector: Reducing perceived unfairness to encourage willingness to pay
Sourou Méatchi and Sandra Camus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Invited Article

Meta-analytic evidence on personal shopping value
Barry J Babin and Nina Krey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]