Rev Mar Res


Review of Marketing Research, 17


Curiosity and Its Implications for Consumer Behavior
Christopher K. Hsee, Bowen Ruan [Google Scholar]

Marketing Research on Environmental Sustainability
Dawn Iacobucci, Marcelo L. D. S. Gabriel, Matthew J. Schneider, Kavita Miadaira Hamza [Google Scholar]

Dawn Iacobucci (Guest Editor) [Google Scholar]

How Marketing Can Save Democracy
Yoram (Jerry) Wind, David Reibstein [Google Scholar]

The Inevitable Downward Spiral of American Political Discourse
Joel H. Steckel [Google Scholar]

Market Response Models for Social Marketing Causes
Dominique M. Hanssens [Google Scholar]

Political Advertising Needs Better Regulation
Brian T. Ratchford [Google Scholar]

Our Data-driven Future: Promise, Perils, and Prognoses
Dana Turjeman, Fred M. Feinberg [Google Scholar]

Some Thoughts on Happiness, Well-being, and a Meaningful Life for Academics
Richard Bagozzi [Google Scholar]

The Conceptualization and Measure of Creativity: Implications for Research in Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Joseph R. Priester, Monique A. Fleming [Google Scholar]

Sustainability Developments in Cities of the World
Mark Peterson, Rhett Epler [Google Scholar]

A Framework for Understanding Communication through Comics (Illustrated)
Eric Yorkston, Xavier Dr├Ęze [Google Scholar]

Global Food Security: How Marketing Can Help
David E. Bell [Google Scholar]

The Retirement Planning Crisis: Finding a Way Out with a Consumer Behavior Perspective
Wayne D. Hoyer, Harley Krohmer [Google Scholar]

Discovering Market Structure of Ambiguously Appraised Products from Bid History in Online Auctions
Mayukh Dass, Srinivas K. Reddy, Md. Tarique Newaz, Mehrnoosh Reshadi [Google Scholar]

Preference for Practical versus Theoretical Knowledge: Conceptualization and Consumer Behavior Predictions
Haiyang Yang, Ziv Carmon, Itamar Simonson [Google Scholar]