J Adv


Journal of Advertising, 49(4)


Special Section: Advances in Computational Advertising

Advancing Computational Advertising: Conceptualization of the Field and Future Directions |
Jisu Huh & Edward C. Malthouse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Macro and Exogenous Factors in Computational Advertising: Key Issues and New Research Directions |
Natali Helberger, Jisu Huh, George Milne, Joanna Strycharz & Hari Sundaram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating, Metavoicing, and Propagating: A Road Map for Understanding User Roles in Computational Advertising |
Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Ewa Maslowska, Yuqing Ren & Hyejin Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Introducing a Model of Automated Brand-Generated Content in an Era of Computational Advertising |
Guda van Noort, Itai Himelboim, Jolie Martin & Tom Collinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Purchasing Exposure to Fostering Engagement: Brand–Consumer Experiences in the Emerging Computational Advertising Landscape |
Theo Araujo, Jonathan R. Copulsky, Jameson L. Hayes, Su Jung Kim & Jaideep Srivastava [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenges and Future Directions of Computational Advertising Measurement Systems |
Joseph T. Yun, Claire M. Segijn, Stewart Pearson, Edward C. Malthouse, Joseph A. Konstan & Venkatesh Shankar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Articles

Navigating Relationship Norms: An Exploration of How Content Strategies Improve Brand Valuation over Time
Qimei Chen, Yi He, Miao Hu & Jaisang (Jay) Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Subvertising to Build Families’ Persuasion Knowledge in Jamaica
Michelle R. Nelson, Rachel Powell, Gail M. Ferguson & Kathy Tian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note

Crowdsourcing the Implicit Association Test: Limitations and Best Practices
Scott Connors, Katie Spangenberg, Andrew W. Perkins & Mark Forehand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]