Journal of Marketing News – October 2020


October Webinar, Healthcare Speakers, Recordings of JM Award Sessions, Recently Published Articles

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Author: Christine Moorman

Journal of Marketing News – October 2020

Journal of Marketing Webinar on October 14, 1PM Eastern

  • “Managing Marketing Agility”: Changes in the way customers shop and fast-changing competitive and technological dynamics, have led to an increased emphasis on agile marketing. This Journal of Marketingarticle investigates the emerging practice of marketing agility. Leveraging a review of the academic literature and in-depth interviews with practicing marketers, it reviews the essential features of marketing agility, when it can help and hurt, and technology, organizational, leadership, team, and employee factors that improve or interfere with its execution in organizations. Presented by Kartik Kalaignanam (University of South Carolina) and Tarun Kushwaha (George Mason University). Other authors: Kapil Tuli (Singapore Management University), David Gal (University of Illinois-Chicago), and Leonard Lee (National University of Singapore Business School).
  • “Managing Digital Advertising Inefficiencies”: Digital advertising revenues grew from nothing to $108 billion in 25 years. Yet there are indicators that unregulated markets for digital advertising are not optimally efficient. The E.U. fined Google more than $9 billion in three antitrust cases and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook $5 billion after it broke a 2012 consent order. New privacy laws mandate transparency and consent requirements for data-driven advertising and user identification practices. A new Journal of Marketingarticle seeks to help marketers and policymakers understand four pervasive issues in digital advertising markets and how they impact market efficiency. Authors will discuss problems associated with advertising effect measurement, organizational inefficiencies in advertising, ad blocking, and ad fraud. Presented by Ken Wilbur (UC-San Diego) and Zsolt Katona (UC-Berkeley). Other authors: Brett R. Gordon (Northwestern University), Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia University), Sridhar Narayanan (Stanford University), and Jiwoong Shin (Yale University).
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Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing on “Marketing in the Healthcare Sector”

  • Read the Call for Manuscripts.
  • Watch the videos from the Summer AMA session featuring leading scholars sharing their views on questions facing marketing in the healthcare sector.​ Speakers include: Len Berry, Punam Keller, Irina Kozlenkova, Cait Lamberton, John Lynch, Detelina Marinova, Vikas Mittal, Maura Scott, Steven Shugan, Jagdip Singh, Hari Sridhar, S Sriram, and Rick Staelin

Recently published and accepted Journal of Marketing articles:

  • Caring for the Commons: Using Psychological Ownership to Enhance Stewardship Behavior for Public Goods” (Joann Peck, Colleen P. Kirk, Andrea W. Luangrath, and Suzanne B. Shu)
  • Marketing Agility: The Concept, Antecedents, and a Research Agenda” (Kartik Kalaignanam, Kapil Tuli, Tarun Kushwaha, Leonard Lee, and David Gal)
  • “Evolution of Consumption: A Psychological Ownership Framework” (Carey Morewedge, Ashwani Monga, Robert Palmatier, Suzanne Shu, and Deborah Small) – available soon
  • “Working It: Managing Professional Brands in Prestigious Posts” (Marie-Agnès Parmentier and Eileen Fischer) – available soon
  • “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coaches for Sales Agents: Caveats and Solutions” (Xueming Luo, Marco Shaojun Qin, Zheng Fang, and Zhe Qu) – available soon
  • “Consumers and Artificial Intelligence: An Experiential Perspective” (Stefano Puntoni, Rebecca Reczek, Markus Giesler, and Simona Botti) – available soon

Listen to the AMA/MSI/Root Award Session–Summer AMA

This session celebrated the winner of the 2019 AMA/MSI/Root Award: “Knowing What It Makes: How Product Transformation Salience Increases Recycling” by Karen Page Winterich, Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Gabriel E. Gonzales. Presentations and Panel Discussion: Alec Cooley, Senior Advisor, Busch Systems (former Director of Recycling Programs, Keep America Beautiful), Scott Breen, VP of Sustainability, Can Manufacturers Institute, and a short video of Paul Polman’s remarks during the Responsible Research Virtual Summit. Polman is Chair of Imagine, Vice-Chair of the UN Global Compact, and former CEO of Unilever: Recording from Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

Listen to the Sheth Foundation/JM Award Winner Session–Summer AMA

This session celebrated the winner of the 2020 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award: “The Chief Marketing Officer Matters!” by Frank Germann, Peter Ebbes, and Rajdeep Grewal. Presentations and Panel Discussion: CEO/CMO panel participants: Tarun Chugh (CEO, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, India), Alicia Tillman (Global CMO, SAP, USA), and Bill Stewart (CMO, Chief Outsiders and former CMO of Kmart, Levi-Strauss and Company, and Credit Karma). Recording from Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

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