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In Marketing, Business, and Management: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives, Edited book; Expression of interest deadline 15 Oct 2020

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Author: Pantea Foroudi

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Research Methods in Marketing, Business, and Management: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives


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This book aims to assist students in how to collect data and how to analyse data. There has been a growing interest in the subject of ‘Research Methods in Business and Management: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives’ in recent years amongst academics and researchers. The role of the research is a logical and systematic exploration for a novel and valuable information on a specific topic. However, existing books are too theoretical. They are not practical enough for students and what they need to do for a degree and in the workplace. By recognising the complexity and plurality at the heart of the business discipline, this book will fill a gap in the market, by posing a number of original research questions on research method and seeks to offer multiple, often competing for answers to those questions by reviewing, in a different and integrated perspective, dominant existing themes with the literature and subjecting them to critical scrutiny through a multifocal perspective.

Our book, “Research Methods in Business and Management: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives” is a practical book (using the real case problems and data) and the technology-enhanced learning (through the online companion) which offers a key pedagogical feature and aims to address the following objectives:

  • This book will explore the multiple stakeholder audiences that research methodology of all types must address. This book is around real-life problems in business that need answering through research. It helps instructors and students to understand how to decide which methods are best suited to their business problem so they can make informed choices.
  • Research method encompasses many facets, which will be covered throughout the book. The main of this book is to focus more on methods rather than methodology and covers a greater variety of advanced analysis tools. Such facets of research method include systematic literature review through bibliometric and meta-analysis, secondary vs primary, qualitative research vs quantitative research, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, qualitative and quantitative research method approaches, fsQCA, data mining, and sentiment analysis.

The submission deadline: Feb 1, 2021

If you are expert in any contemporary data analysis and interested to contribute to this book, please contact Pantea Foroudi by 15 Oct 2020