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FOM Conference supported by GSSI, Bonn, 25-26 Feb 2021; Deadline 31 Oct

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Author: Christian Schmitz

Re-Opened: Call for Papers

2021 Sales Conference in Bonn

25.02.2021, 14:00-18:30, Best Practice Day

26.02.2021, 09:00-17:30, Scientific Day

Sales Enablement – Prerequisite for Sales Success

State of the Art in Research and Application of Frame Conditions and Drivers

 Due to the Corona situation the conference had to be moved to end of February 2021. This enables the acceptance of additional papers and presentations. The theme and the focus of the conference stays the same, please find it again in the following text.

Complexity and speed of the business impose great challenges to the sales organisations. On one hand the number of people involved into the purchasing process is increasing, on the other hand customers are not taking any more their decisions at the end of the negotiation – customers expect a permanent exchange of information and a top performance during the complete customer journey. More changes are coming up by the introduction of digital channels. Sales organizations have to show their added value continuously to convince customers at the end.

There is a strong emphasis of sales research upon the concepts and tools for the “front end”, i.e. how to succeed in negotiations, like Solution Selling, Challenger Sale, SPIN Selling or Digital Sales. Although these approaches are of high importance for the sales work, there are more success factors which lie outside the sales departments and determine the frame conditions for the work of the sales people. The whole package of frame conditions and sales work must be harmonized and needs to be attractive to the customer.

This is the domain of Sales Enablement. According to Matthews and Schenk (2018) it is defined as follows:

Sales Force Enablement: A strategic, collaborative discipline designed to increase predictable sales results by providing consistent, scalable enablement services that allow customer-facing professionals and their managers to add value in every customer interaction.“

Empirical studies (CSO Insights 2016, 2018) show, that companies achieve a better sales success when they use Sales Enablement programs. Still industry is far away from applying sales enablement throughout, apparently only 60% of all companies show interest in such an approach, but the number increases.

The sales conference 2021 “Sales Enablement” has the target to identify and discuss the actions which need to be implemented in order to create effective frame conditions for the sales department. In doing so, we generate an important contribution for the applied sales research and practical work with the customers. We invite scientists and practitioners to share their insights and best practice cases related to Sales Enablement for this conference. We welcome empirical and theroretical-conceptional papers. The following subjects are welcome among others:

  • Interactions between Departments, Interfaces
  • Customer Interaction/Customer Journey
  • CRM IT-Infrastructure
  • Sales Organization Design
  • Agile Sales Organizations
  • Sales Enablement Performance Measurement
  • Sales Enablement Trainings
  • Recruiting/Selection
  • Career Paths and Sales Enablement
  • Sales Process Management
  • Sales Leadership/Coaching
  • Proposal Management
  • Motivation/Rewarding/Incentivation (Compensation Systems)
  • Sales Enablement and Financial Aspects

All scientific papers will be double blind peer reviewed. The best practice cases shall be presented by a one page abstract.

The authors of the papers agree on a publication in the conference proceedings. It is planned to publish the proceedings in a book. The conference language is English and German. Papers and cases can be submitted in both languages.

Co-Chairs of the Conferencre

Prof. Dr. Jörg Westphal, FOM Hochschule, scientific manager of the competence center for marketing and sales (

Prof. Dr. Jobst Görne, Hochschule Aalen, board member of the GSSI ( )


Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz, Sales und Marketing Department, Ruhr Universität Bochum

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Hiemeyer, FOM Hochschule

Prof. Dr. Frank Tubbesing, FOM Hochschule


Paper Deadline: 31.10.2020
Decision of the committee: 15.12.2020
Finale Deadline for all accepted papers: 15.1.2021

Submission Guidelines

The paper should have the standard structure of a journal contribution with description of the problem, theoretical framework, methods and discussion of the findings (practically oriented if possible). The paper needs to have a abstract of 100 words max. The paper should not exceed 10 pages. The Submission Guidelines of the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management apply. The papers need to be submitted

Deadline:       31.10.2020

Submit to:

Please submit two files:

  • First file contains the complete paper including informations of the author(s), such as name(s), universities/organisations, address, phone number and mail address
  • Second file contains the complete paper without any author information. Please avoid any hint to the author(s) to assure the anonymity of the process.

Each paper will be evaluated on the following subjects:

Jedes wissenschaftliche Paper wird in den folgenden Kategorien bewertet:

  • relevance and up-to-dateness, contribution to the topic
  • conceptual quality
  • methodological quality
  • value of insights for the industry application