J Public Policy Mar


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 39(4)


Farewell Editorial

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing in Our Turbulent Times: Foundations Laid and Challenges Ahead
Joshua L. Wiener, Pam Scholder Ellen, and Scot Burton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue: Political Activity and Marketing


Marketing’s Role in Understanding Political Activity
Daniel Korschun, Kelly D. Martin, and Gautham Vadakkepatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Commentary: Brand Activism in a Political World
Christine Moorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary: Patagonia and the Business of Activism
Vincent Stanley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Research Articles

A Vote of Competence: How a Similar Upbringing to Political Candidates Influences Voting Choice
Matthew D. Meng and Alexander Davidson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Citizen Participation in Political Markets: Extending Service-Dominant Logic to Public Policy
Mark Peterson and Robert W. Godby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To Change the Law, Defy the Law: Hijacking the Cause and Co-Opting Its Advocate
Bernard Cova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brands Taking a Stand: Authentic Brand Activism or Woke Washing?
Jessica Vredenburg, Sommer Kapitan, Amanda Spry, and Joya A. Kemper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Activist Company: Examining a Company’s Pursuit of Societal Change Through Corporate Activism Using an Institutional Theoretical Lens
Meike Eilert and Abigail Nappier Cherup [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Ideology in Consumer Resistance: Analyzing Far-Right Opposition to Multicultural Marketing
Sofia Ulver and Christofer Laurell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Politics at the Mall: The Moral Foundations of Boycotts
Daniel Fernandes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]