J Global Scholars Mar Sci


Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 30(4)


Sustainability Challenges in Marketing, Sales, and Other Business Practices, Part Two

CSR and social entrepreneurship: Combining efforts towards sustainability
Satyendra C. Pandey , Swati Panda , Scott Widmier & Eric Harvey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustaining customer engagement through social media brand communities
Jen Riley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Follow the leader or go your own way: The use of logos and branding in AmeriCorps and similar federally funded service grant programs as a pre-cursor to sustainable branding
Marshal Chaifetz & Nicholas Pace Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The online environment’s adverse effect on the sustainability of the retail workforce
Kendra L. Harris , Kimberly N. Harris , Aberdeen Leila Borders , D. Augustus Anderson & Deborah H. Lester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Doing well by doing good: Direct selling as a viable and sustainable source of income for base of the pyramid populations
Scott Widmier , Lance Brouthers & Charles Ragland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Insights, challenges and recommendations for research on sustainability in marketing
Paola Andrea Morales , Sheb True & R. Keith Tudor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Host and guest value co-creation and satisfaction in a shared economy: The case of Airbnb
Park Thaichon , Jiraporn Surachartkumtonkun , Anubhuti Singhal & Artem Alabastro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents to high (low) performances by international technology ventures |
Rajan Nataraajan , Nelson Oly Ndubisi & Obaid Al–Shuridah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Principles of value creation in event tourism: Enhancing the competitiveness of regional clusters
Chung-Shing Lee , Drew Martin , Pi-Feng Hsieh & Wan-Chen Yu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women outperform men in collegiate sales competitions: Are women’s sales skills better than men’s?
Scott A. Inks , Aberdeen Leila Borders , Deborah H. Lester & Terry W. Loe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]