A New Era For Michael Czinkota


Michael Czinkota bids adieu to a 40 year career at Georgetown


Author: Michael Czinkota

After 40 years with Georgetown University as a Professor of International Marketing, Business, and Trade, I have decided that it is time for me to retire in favor of new (ad)ventures. There is still time to make new contributions based on my experience and connectivity.

I would be delighted to discuss new opportunities with you. I am available to advise on a part-time basis, making use of my strengths as an international negotiator and developer of reports, particularly for complex, cross-functional problem conditions. My work, which cross-references international marketing, trade policy,and terrorism, serves as an example. I can support corporate and academic goals by organizing and serving on boards and task forces. You can reach me at Czinkotm@georgetown.edu, and my phone number is 202-253-3566.

The Past

I had the honor to serve as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Information and Analysis under Presidents Reagan and Bush. I was Chairman of Foundation for International Business Education Research and led the National Center for Export-Import Studies.

I received honorary degrees from Universidad Ricardo Palma, Universidad del Pacífico, and Universidad Pontificia Madre y Maestra. I have given 12 testimonies on Capitol Hill. I wrote 44 books, many in multiple editions, and published 137 academic articles.

My commentaries are well-received in domestic and international publications. You can find my work in the New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine, The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, South China Morning Post, and Japan Times.

I have received grants from Fulbright, US Department of State, US Department of Education, Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, National Science Foundation, and Government of Liechtenstein. I have also disentangled relationships of great complexity and caused the successful conclusion of projects inRussia, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

The Present

At Georgetown University, I contributed to the international reputation and position of the McDonough School of Business.Thanks to my colleagues’ and Georgetown’s support and friendship, the past four decades seemed to fly right by.

The Future

I plan to remain in Washington D.C. I will continue to advise businesses on governmental issues and educational projects, and devote my effort to the international business field.

I am grateful for Georgetown’s support, and for the many roads that it has opened for me. It has been a great privilege to contribute my knowledge to the international business and marketing field, whether it is for education or serving my country. I hope to see more of you in years to come!

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Career Highlights:

  • Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Information and Analysis
  • Chairman, Foundation for International Business Education Research
  • Chairman, National Center for Export Import Studies
  • 12 testimonies on Capitol Hill
  • 3 honorary degrees
  • 44 books, many in multiple editions
  • 127 academic refereed articles
  • 262 editorials and commentaries (New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Handelsblatt, Wall Street Journal, The Hill, South China Morning Post, Japan Today)
  • Grants: Fulbright (2), US Department of State (8), US Department of Education (4), Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (3), National Science Foundation (2), University of Liechtenstein (2)