Theory and Practice in Global Marketing


Special issue of Journal of International Marketing and Winter AMA Pre-Conference Symposium; Deadline 18 Dec 2020


Author: Michelle Kritselis

Call for Papers | Journal of International Marketing: Theory and Practice in Global Marketing

Special Issue Coeditors: Kelly Hewett, Cheryl Nakata, and Kay Peters

The Journal of International Marketing (JIM) announces the inaugural Theory and Practice in Global Marketing (TPGM) postconference event and special issue. Both the event and special issue aim to foster research in the international marketing domain that focuses on substantive business problems and is supported by evidence based on rigorous methodology. Modeled after the process for the TPM conference, the TPGM process will involve two stages: (1) submissions of PowerPoint slides for a postconference event at the upcoming 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference; and (2) manuscript submissions incorporating feedback from presentations, to be considered for the special issue. Further details on the process are provided below.

There are no constraints in terms of the specific topic addressed in the research, but submissions are limited to empirical research. The critical requirement is that the research highlights important managerial implications for international marketing practice, addressing issues of relevance for firms or their various stakeholders.

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