Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 37(10)


When the American dream fails: The effect of perceived economic inequality on present‐oriented behavior
Hyuna Bak, Youjae Yi [Google Scholar]

Abandoning distinctiveness: The influence of nostalgia on consumer choice
Yafeng Fan, Jing Jiang, Zuohao Hu [Google Scholar]

The “ins” and “outs” of product and services marketing: The influence of consonant wanderings in consumer decision‐making
Sandra Godinho, Margarida V. Garrido [Google Scholar]

Identification of two decision‐making paths underpinning the continued use of branded apps
Lara Stocchi, Naser Pourazad, Nina Michaelidou [Google Scholar]

Self‐concept, individual characteristics, and counterfeit consumption: Evidence from an emerging market
Aneela Malik, Dwight Merunka, Muhammad S. Akram, Bradley R. Barnes, Annie Chen [Google Scholar]

Materialistic cues make us miserable: A meta‐analysis of the experimental evidence for the effects of materialism on individual and societal well‐being
Olaya Moldes, Lisbeth Ku [Google Scholar]

The mitigating effect of matching regulatory focus with arousal‐inducing stimuli in service failure situations
Gopal Das, Rajat Roy, Mark T. Spence [Google Scholar]

Benefits of heroes to coping with mortality threats by providing perceptions of personal power and reducing unhealthy compensatory consumption
Aulona Ulqinaku, Gülen Sarial‐Abi, Elaine L. Kinsella [Google Scholar]