Man Sci


Management Science, 66(9)


From the Editor: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management Science
David Simchi-Levi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bike-Share Systems: Accessibility and Availability
Ashish Kabra, Elena Belavina, and Karan Girotra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Capacity Pooling in Hospitals: The Hidden Consequences of Off-Service Placement
Hummy Song, Anita L. Tucker, Ryan Graue, Sarah Moravick, and Julius J. Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Token-Weighted Crowdsourcing
Gerry Tsoukalas and Brett Hemenway Falk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stock or Print? Impact of 3-D Printing on Spare Parts Logistics
Jing-Sheng Song and Yue Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value of High-Quality Logistics: Evidence from a Clash Between SF Express and Alibaba
Ruomeng Cui, Meng Li, and Qiang Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Do Option Prices Predict Stock Returns? The Role of Price Pressure in the Stock Market
Luis Goncalves-Pinto, Bruce D. Grundy, Allaudeen Hameed, Thijs van der Heijden, and Yichao Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumption and Portfolio Choice Under Loss Aversion and Endogenous Updating of the Reference Level
Servaas van Bilsen, Roger J. A. Laeven, and Theo E. Nijman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Timing of Auctions of Real Options
Lin William Cong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Drives Risk Perception? A Global Survey with Financial Professionals and Laypeople
Felix Holzmeister, Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Florian Lindner, Utz Weitzel, and Stefan Zeisberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competitive Personalized Pricing
Zhijun Chen, Chongwoo Choe, and Noriaki Matsushima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyst Forecast Bundling
Michael Drake, Peter Joos, Joseph Pacelli, and Brady Twedt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Steering in Online Markets: The Role of Platform Incentives and Credibility
Moshe A. Barach, Joseph M. Golden, and John J. Horton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Structural Estimation Approach to Study Agent Attrition
Seyed Morteza Emadi and Bradley R. Staats [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Supercharging in Experience-Centric Channels
David R. Bell, Santiago Gallino, and Antonio Moreno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not in the Job Description: The Commercial Activities of Academic Scientists and Engineers
Wesley M. Cohen, Henry Sauermann, and Paula Stephan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ties That Bind: The Value of Professional Connections to Sell-Side Analysts
Daniel Bradley, Sinan Gokkaya, and Xi Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Owning, Using, and Renting: Some Simple Economics of the “Sharing Economy”
Apostolos Filippas, John J. Horton, and Richard J. Zeckhauser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Differentiation Strategies in the Adoption of Environmental Standards: LEED from 2000 to 2014
Marc Rysman, Timothy Simcoe, and Yanfei Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pollution Regulation of Competitive Markets
Krishnan S. Anand and François C. Giraud-Carrier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inflexible Repositioning: Commitment in Competition and Uncertainty
Jiajia Cong and Wen Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential Learning in Designing Marketing Campaigns for Market Entry
Somayeh Moazeni, Boris Defourny, and Monika J. Wilczak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cascading Losses in Reinsurance Networks
Ariah Klages-Mundt and Andreea Minca [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growth Options and Credit Risk
Andrea Gamba and Alessio Saretto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Capital Budgeting and Risk Taking Under Credit Constraints
Felipe S. Iachan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysts’ Beauty and Performance
Ying Cao, Feng Guan, Zengquan Li, and Yong George Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence Activities, Coalitions, and Uniform Policies: Implications for the Regulation of Financial Institutions
Henry L. Friedman and Mirko S. Heinle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]