Journal of Marketing News – September 2020


Sept. Issue, Sept. Webinar, Special Issue, and Recent papers

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Author: Christine Moorman

Journal of Marketing News – September 2020

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Attend the September 23 JM Webinar

  • “Generating Content Increases Enjoyment by Immersing Consumers and Accelerating Perceived Time:” There’s a common notion that in order to truly enjoy a live event, an eventgoer should put their phone away and live in the moment. But is this true? Listen to Gabriela Tonietto (Rutgers University) and Alixandra Barasch (New York University) share evidence from their new Journal of Marketing article that shows that the opposite is true.
  • “Do Spoilers Really Spoil? Measuring the Effect of Spoiler Reviews on Box Office Revenue:” The film industry tends to discourage spoilers in movie reviews, believing that when moviegoers read reviews that ruin surprises or reveal important plot elements, they’ll be less likely to see the movie. Spoiler alert: this isn’t always the case. Hear Jun Hyun (Joseph) Ryoo (Western University) and Shane Wang (Western University) discuss how spoiler reviewers can actually benefit movie studios and theaters.

Read the Call for Manuscripts for the Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing on “Marketing in the Healthcare Sector”

  • Healthcare is vital to our interconnected world. As the world faces a pandemic of a magnitude not witnessed for over 100 years, we are reminded of healthcare’s fundamental role. Consumers (patients) seek health, healthcare providers and institutions work to deliver care, insurance companies and governments monitor its costs, markets compete on it, policy regulates it, and society benefits from its successes or is challenged by its failings. Marketing as a discipline, however, has not lived up to its potential contributions to this important aspect of our lives. This Journal of Marketing Special Issue is dedicated to promoting research on healthcare marketing with the goal of improving knowledge of this critical research domain.
  • Review the call for papers, including relevant topics, types of papers, and editorial review process.

Thanks to all our Advisory Board members, AEs, and ERB member who attended our online ERB meetings on August 20:

  • It was wonderful to see so many of you last month. We announced new initiatives and team members as well as shared metrics.
  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Awards who were selected on the basis of the quality, quantity, and timeliness of their reviews: Kimmy Chan (Hong Kong Baptist University), Eileen Fischer (York University), Robert Fisher, (University of Alberta), Colleen Harmeling (Florida State University), Michael Hui (University of Macau), Kartik Kalaignanam (University of South Carolina), Son Lam (University of Georgia), Jongkuk Lee (Ewha Womans University), Barak Libai (IDC Herzliya), Yuping Liu-Thompkins (Old Dominion University), Ashwani Monga (Rutgers University), Lisa Scheer (University of Missouri), Nita Umashankar (San Diego State University), and Ralf van der Lans (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • For all JM awards, visit:

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Participate in the ACR Knowledge Forum

  • Title: Creating Boundary-Breaking, Marketing-Relevant Consumer Research
  • Date and time: Friday Oct. 2: 12:00 to 1:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Primary organizer: Simona Botti (London Business School, UK)
  • Breakout leaders: Fleura Bardhi (City University London, UK), Eileen Fischer (York University, Canada), Donna L. Hoffman (George Washington University, USA), Robert Kozinets (University of Southern California, USA), Donald Lehmann (Columbia University, USA), John Lynch (University of Colorado, USA), Deborah MacInnis (University of Southern California, USA), Christine Moorman (Duke University, USA), Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Vicki G. Morwitz (Columbia University, USA), Oded Netzer (Columbia University, USA), Connie Pechmann (University of California Irvine, USA)
  • Session summary: Participants will listen to speakers and participate in small breakout groups to develop research ideas around marketing-relevant consumer research. This knowledge forum is borne out of a striking consideration: although consumer behavior interests all members of contemporary society, consumer researchers do not have a broad impact on marketplace stakeholders and academics in other disciplines. In a recent article, the organizers of this forum argued that the relatively narrow impact of consumer research can be attributed to a set of defaults or implicit boundaries about what consumer researchers study, why they study it, and how they communicate the significance of their work (MacInnis et al. 2020). This forum will focus on ideas and practices to break those boundaries and increase research impact.
  • How to sign up: When you register for ACR you will have the opportunity to sign up for this Knowledge Forum. Please sign up in advance as we will be assigning participants to breakout groups in advance of the conference.

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