J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 19(5)



La Bella Figura: The role of a cultural philosophy on Italian consumerism
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What goes around comes around: The integrated role of emotions on consumer ethical decision‐making
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Mindsets, shopping motivations and compulsive buying: Insights from China
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Adolescents and handheld advertising: The roles of brand familiarity and smartphone attachment in the processing of mobile advergames
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When repetitive consumption leads to predictions of faster adaptation
Maria Alice Pasdiora, Vinicius A. Brei, Leonardo Nicolao [Google Scholar]

Assessing the predictive validity of perceived globalness and country of origin of foreign brands in quality judgments among consumers in emerging markets
C. Min Han [Google Scholar]

Employing autobiographical memory perspective to influence self‐congruence and brand preference
Sudipta Mandal [Google Scholar]

Impact of perceived value on casual mobile game loyalty: The moderating effect of intensity of playing
Sebastian Molinillo, Arnold Japutra, Francisco Liébana‐Cabanillas [Google Scholar]

How values of individualism and collectivism influence impulsive buying and money budgeting: the mediating role of acculturation to global consumer culture
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The effect of brand anthropomorphism, brand distinctiveness, and warmth on brand attitude: A mediated moderation model
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