ACR 2020


Creating Boundary-Breaking, Marketing-Relevant Consumer Research session, 2 Oct 2020


Author: Donna Hoffman

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  • Title: Creating Boundary-Breaking, Marketing-Relevant Consumer Research
  • Date and time: Friday Oct. 2: 12:00 to 1:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Primary organizer: Simona Botti (London Business School, UK)
  • Session breakout leaders: Fleura Bardhi (City University London, UK), Eileen Fischer (York University, Canada), Donna L. Hoffman (George Washington University, USA), Robert Kozinets (University of Southern California, USA), Donald Lehmann (Columbia University, USA), John Lynch (University of Colorado, USA), Deborah MacInnis (University of Southern California, USA), Christine Moorman (Duke University, USA), Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Vicki G. Morwitz (Columbia University, USA), Oded Netzer (Columbia University, USA), Connie Pechmann (University of California Irvine, USA)
  • Session summary: Participants will listen to speakers and participate in small breakout groups to develop research ideas around marketing-relevant consumer research. This knowledge forum is borne out of a striking consideration: although consumer behavior interests all members of contemporary society, consumer researchers do not have a broad impact on marketplace stakeholders and academics in other disciplines. In a recent Journal of Marketing article, the organizers of this forum argued that the relatively narrow impact of consumer research can be attributed to a set of defaults about what consumer researchers study, why they study it, and how they communicate the significance of their work, which result in implicit boundaries (MacInnis et al. 2020). This forum will focus on ideas and practices to break those boundaries and increase research impact.
  • How to sign up: When you register for ACR you will have the opportunity to sign up for this Knowledge Forum for Friday Oct 2nd as well as other Knowledge Forums being offered in two different sessions on Saturday October 3rdPlease sign up in advance as we will be assigning participants to breakout groups in advance of the conference.