Frontiers in Service 2021


Amelia Island, FL, 10-13 Jun 2021; Deadline 15 Dec

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Author: Martin Mende

Call for Papers: Frontiers in Service Conference 2021

In 2021, the Frontiers in Service Conference will be hosted by Florida State University and convene at the Omni Resort on the enchanting Amelia Island, June 10-13, 2021. Mark your calendar and join us on Amelia Island to explore the frontiers of service research and experience the amazing, global community of service scholars! Details can be found here:

Themed around “Service Resurgence,” the conference will explore a wide variety of service topics. Certainly, it will consider the role of service in times of crises (e.g., the pandemic). Other important themes include service marketing, service management, service operations, service strategy, service design, service engineering, service science, service IT, AI/robotics in service, service and public policy, as well as transformative service and its linkage to individual and societal well-being.

We invite service academics or practitioners to submit a 450-word abstract for possible presentation at the conference. Practitioners are invited to submit case studies, best practices, trends, and recent developments in the service industry. The conference committee will select the most promising and noteworthy abstracts for the “Best Practitioner Paper Award.” For submission details, please visit:

Submission Window: September 15 – December 15, 2020

Carry-Over Invitations from Frontiers 2020: Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Frontiers in Service Conference at Babson College sadly had to be cancelled. We are delighted to announce that any paper that was accepted for the 2020 Conference can be presented at the Frontiers in Service Conference in 2021. However, please note that corresponding papers must be (re)submitted using the above submission link/website.

See you at Frontiers!

Mike Brady, Martin Mende, and Maura Scott

Conference Co-Chairs