J Destination Mar Man


Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 17



Understanding technological contributions to accessible tourism from the perspective of destination design for visually impaired visitors in Hong Kong
Kit Ling Lam, Chung-Shing Chan, Mike Peters [Google Scholar]

Destination stakeholders’ perceptions of overtourism impacts, causes, and responses: The case of Big Sur, California
Roberta Atzori [Google Scholar]

Developing the coopetitive destination brand for the Greater Bay Area
Ksenia Kirillova, Jinah Park, Mingyang Zhu, Leonardo (Don) Dioko, Guojun Zeng [Google Scholar]

Cooking for fun: The sources of fun in cooking learning tourism
Hsiang-Fei Luoh, Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur, Pei-Chun Lo [Google Scholar]

Co-creation and integrated resort experience in Croatia: The application of service-dominant logic
Jiseon Ahn, Ki-Joon Back, Petra Barišić, Choong-Ki Lee [Google Scholar]

Destination branding: Opportunities and new challenges
José Luis Ruiz-Real, Juan Uribe-Toril, Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad [Google Scholar]

The effect of celebrity endorsement on destination brand love: A comparison of previous visitors and potential tourists
Hui Zhang, Honggang Xu, Dogan Gursoy [Google Scholar]

Examining affection-based travel: Development and validation of a measurement scale for honeymooners’ motivation
Ganghua Chen, Kevin Kam Fung So, Mutita Poomchaisuwan, Xianyang Hu [Google Scholar]

Travelers’ intention to adopt virtual reality: A consumer value perspective
Pankaj Vishwakarma, Srabanti Mukherjee, Biplab Datta [Google Scholar]

Tourists’ emotional solidarity with residents: A segmentation analysis and its links to destination image and loyalty
Dimitrios Stylidis, Kyle M. Woosnam, Milan Ivkov [Google Scholar]

Agritourism microbusinesses within a developing country economy: A resource-based view
Jeffrey M. Campbell, Marketa Kubickova [Google Scholar]

Health outcomes of tourism development: A longitudinal study of the impact of tourism arrivals on residents’ health
Maksim Godovykh, Jorge Ridderstaat [Google Scholar]

An analysis of first-time and repeat-visitor destination images through the prism of the three-factor theory of consumer satisfaction
Peter Schofield, Lluis Coromina, Raquel Camprubi, Seonyoung Kim [Google Scholar]

The core-periphery image of South Korea on the Chinese tourist market in the times of conflict over THAAD.
Lijuan Su, Svetlana Stepchenkova, Xiangyi Dai [Google Scholar]

The effects of time living away from home and family support on intention to host a destination wedding
Marisa Ritter, Carl A. Boger, Jason Draper [Google Scholar]

Place attachment through sensory-rich, emotion-generating place experiences in rural tourism
Elisabeth Kastenholz, Carlos Peixeira Marques, Maria João Carneiro [Google Scholar]

The role of a fashion spotlight event in a process of city image reconstruction
Lina M. Ceballos, Laura RojasDeFrancisco, Juan Carlos Monroy Osorio [Google Scholar]

Destination cobranding in interorganizational networks: Assessing the role of central tourism organizations
Jarle Aarstad, Håvard Ness, Sven A. Haugland [Google Scholar]

Dimensions and models of tourism governance in a tourism system: The experience of Catalonia
Octavi Bono i Gispert, Salvador Anton Clavé [Google Scholar]