J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37(6)



Order of justice in queues of emerging markets
Swagato Chatterjee [Google Scholar]

Exploring jealousy and envy in communal relationship revenge-seeking
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Cognitive and emotional factors contributing to green customer citizenship behaviours: a moderated mediation model
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The role of psychological ownership in consumer happiness
Dan Li, Lucy Atkinson [Google Scholar]

A psychological approach to regaining consumer trust after greenwashing: the case of Chinese green consumers
Dandan Wang, Thomas Walker, Sergey Barabanov [Google Scholar]

The internet of everything: implications of marketing analytics from a consumer policy perspective
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Consumer preferences towards animal-friendly fashion products: an application to the Italian market
Mohamed Akli Achabou, Sihem Dekhili, Anna Paola Codini [Google Scholar]

Limited edition packaging: objectives, implementations and related marketing mix decisions of a scarcity product tactic
Krisztina Rita Dörnyei [Google Scholar]

The effect of shared brand use on brand variety seeking in romantic relationships
Selcan Kara, Anna J. Vredeveld [Google Scholar]

Reverse (brand) anthropomorphism: the case of brand hitlerization
S. Umit Kucuk [Google Scholar]