J Behavioral Exp Econ


Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 87



A Rent Seeking Experiment with Leakage from the Contest Success Function
Lisa R. Anderson, Beth A. Freeborn [Google Scholar]

Context-dependent preferences and retailing: Vertical restraints on internet sales
Magdalena Helfrich, Fabian Herweg [Google Scholar]

Dealing with ignored attributes through an inferred approach in wine choice experiments
Tânia Gonçalves, Lina Lourenço-Gomes, Lígia M. Costa Pinto [Google Scholar]

Risk attitude, time preference and health behaviours in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area
Chantal Herberholz [Google Scholar]

Impact of school financial education on parental saving socialization in Hong Kong adolescents
Alex Yue Feng Zhu [Google Scholar]

The impact of financial literacy on negotiation behavior
Susan Krische, Alexandra Mislin [Google Scholar]

From intention to decision in purchasing life insurance and private pensions: different effects of knowledge and behavioural factors
Simona Laura Dragos, Cristian Mihai Dragos, Gabriela Mihaela Muresan [Google Scholar]

Prosocial and moral behavior under decision reveal in a public environment
Per A. Andersson, Arvid Erlandsson, Daniel Västfjäll, Gustav Tinghög [Google Scholar]

The value of verbal feedback in allocation decisions
Robert Schmidt, Christiane Schwieren, Martin Vollmann [Google Scholar]

To decrease or not to decrease: The impact of zero and negative interest rates on investment decisions
Lior David-Pur, Koresh Galil, Mosi Rosenboim [Google Scholar]

Institutional preferences, social preferences and cooperation: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment in rural China
Xiaojun Yang, Zihan Nie, Jianying Qiu, Qin Tu [Google Scholar]

Shattering the Illusion of the Self-Earned Tip: The Effect of a Restaurant Magician on Co-Workers’ Tips
David G. Frank, Michael Lynn [Google Scholar]

An analysis of the long-term social discount rate and the valuation of large environmental losses using non-monetary tradeoffs
David Courard-Hauri, Christie A. Klimas, Conor Parrish [Google Scholar]

Willingness-to-Pay for Eco-Labelled Forest Products in Northern Ireland: An Experimental Auction Approach
Kieran Higgins, W. George Hutchinson, Alberto Longo [Google Scholar]

Financial education and digital asset management: What’s in the black box?
Rouven Litterscheidt, David J. Streich [Google Scholar]

Decoy effect in food appearance, traceability, and price: Case of consumer preference for pork hindquarters
Linhai Wu, Pingping Liu, Xiujuan Chen, Wuyang Hu, Xuesen Fan, Yuhuan Chen [Google Scholar]

Goal setting and raising the bar: A field experiment
Max van Lent, Michiel Souverijn [Google Scholar]

Self-selecting into being a dictator: Distributional consequences
Lara Ezquerra, Praveen Kujal [Google Scholar]

How choice architecture can promote and undermine tax compliance: Testing the effects of prepopulated tax returns and accuracy confirmation
Wilco W. van Dijk, Sjoerd Goslinga, Bart W. Terwel, Eric van Dijk [Google Scholar]

Over-indebtedness and age: The effects on individual health
Maite Blázquez, Santiago Budría, Ana I. Moro-Egido [Google Scholar]

Do wealth levels affect the contribution to negative externalities?
Juan M. Benito-Ostolaza, Roberto Ezcurra, Nuria Osés-Eraso [Google Scholar]

The impact of markets on moral reasoning: Evidence from an online experiment
Jonas Gehrlein, Ann-Kathrin Crede, Nana Adrian [Google Scholar]