Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 54(8)


The impact of political ideology on consumer perceptions of their rights and responsibilities in the sharing economy
Marylouise Caldwell, Steve Elliot, Paul Henry, Marcus O’Connor [Google Scholar]

Consumer preferences for gender typicality in front-line services staff in the United States vis-à-vis South Korea: an experimental approach
Andrew Timming, Chris Baumann, Paul Gollan [Google Scholar]

Categorization flexibility and unconventional choices:
Tilottama G. Chowdhury, Feisal Murshed [Google Scholar]

The bright and dark sides of humorous response to online customer complaint
Hyunju Shin, Lindsay R.L. Larson [Google Scholar]

Minority group favoritism in service encounters
Mauricio Palmeira, Shahin Sharifi [Google Scholar]

Construct creation from research questions
Sarah Forbes, Mark Avis [Google Scholar]

How much firms “give” to CSR vs how much they “gain” from it: inequity perceptions and their implications for CSR authenticity
Liudmila Tarabashkina, Pascale G. Quester, Olga Tarabashkina [Google Scholar]

Time metaphor and regulatory focus
Xiaobing Xu, Rong Chen [Google Scholar]

Keep calm and carry on: European consumers and the development of persistent resilience in the face of austerity
Isabelle T. Szmigin, Deirdre Mary O’Loughlin, Morven McEachern, Kalipso Karantinou, Belem Barbosa, Grigorios Lamprinakos, María Eugenia Fernández-Moya [Google Scholar]