The Lehmannfest


Marketing Letters recently commemorated Don Lehmann's 50 years at Columbia.

POSTING TYPE: Journal News

Author: Sandy Jap

Lehmannfest Celebrates Don Lehmann’s 50 year Career

Marketing Letters is delighted to announce a Special six article issue based on the May 2019 conference organized by Gita Johar, Eric Johnson, and Oded Netzer to commemorate Don Lehmann’s fifty years on the faculty at Columbia Business School.  Through an extraordinary, award-winning career, Dr. Lehmann has inspired countless students and profoundly influenced the field of marketing research.  As founding editor of Marketing Letters, he set a high standard for publication and served as the journal’s guiding spirit. Please enjoy free access to the Introduction and Reflections.  Each of the six articles features topics reflected in Don’s research over the years.  These short highlights remind us of the research history in marketing and point to future key directions for research.