J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 84(5)


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The Impact of Advertising and R&D on Bankruptcy Survival: A Double-Edged Sword
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Collaborative Market Driving: How Peer Firms Can Develop Markets Through Collective Action
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Strong Anxiety Boosts New Product Adoption When Hope Is Also Strong
Yu-Ting Lin, Deborah J. MacInnis, and Andreas B. Eisingerich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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Speed Up, Size Down: How Animated Movement Speed in Product Videos Influences Size Assessment and Product Evaluation
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Tolerating and Managing Failure: An Organizational Perspective on Customer Reacquisition Management
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When Less Is More: How Mindset Influences Consumers’ Responses to Products with Reduced Negative Attributes
Vincent Chi Wong, Lei Su, and Howard Pong-Yuen Lam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]