Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 44(5)


Should businesses use religious cues in advertising? A comparison of consumer perceptions across Christianity and Islam
Saman Zehra, Elizabeth Minton [Google Scholar]

Internet penetration and consumption inequality in China
Shu Zhang, Feng Li, Jing Jian Xiao [Google Scholar]

Addressing privacy predicaments in the digital marketplace: A power‐relations perspective
Ruwan Bandara, Mario Fernando, Shahriar Akter [Google Scholar]

Theorizing self‐repairers’ worldview–personhood to advance new thinking on extended product lifetimes
Janine Dermody, Yoko Nagase, Wolfram Berger [Google Scholar]

Thou shalt not covet: Role of family religiosity in anti‐consumption
Mònica Casabayó, Juan Francisco Dávila, Steven W. Rayburn [Google Scholar]

Selecting environmental psychology theories to predict people’s consumption intention of locally produced organic foods
Mei‐Fang Chen [Google Scholar]

Consumer preferences and physical evaluation of shortbread stored in different packaging
Małgorzata Kowalska, Sławomir Janas, Wanda Kudełka [Google Scholar]

Rural families food intake behaviour in relation to livelihood diversification, income differences and family size
Shamsheer ul Haq, Ismet Boz, Pomi Shahbaz, Muhammad Ramiz Murtaza [Google Scholar]

Exploring the influence of family on adolescents’ seafood consumption choices
Dawn Birch, Juliet Memery [Google Scholar]