Ops Res


Operations Research, 68(4)


Fleet Coordination in Decentralized Humanitarian Operations Funded by Earmarked Donations
Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez, Sameer Hasija, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Planning for End-User Substitution in Agribusiness
Saurabh Bansal and James S. Dyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Assortment Personalization in High Dimensions
Nathan Kallus and Madeleine Udell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technical Note—Dynamic Pricing with Heterogeneous Patience Levels
Ilan Lobel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technical Note—Robust Newsvendor Games with Ambiguity in Demand Distributions
Xuan Vinh Doan and Tri-Dung Nguyen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technical Note—Constant-Order Policies for Lost-Sales Inventory Models with Random Supply Functions: Asymptotics and Heuristic
Jinzhi Bu, Xiting Gong, and Dacheng Yao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robust Auctions for Revenue via Enhanced Competition
Tim Roughgarden, Inbal Talgam-Cohen, and Qiqi Yan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling Passes to Strategic Customers
Jue Wang, Yuri Levin, and Mikhail Nediak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Becoming Strategic: Endogenous Consumer Time Preferences and Multiperiod Pricing
Arian Aflaki, Pnina Feldman, and Robert Swinney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Incentive-Compatible Bandit Exploration
Yishay Mansour, Aleksandrs Slivkins, and Vasilis Syrgkanis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Disclosure and Pricing Policies for Sales of Network Goods
Ming Hu, Zizhuo Wang, and Yinbo Feng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social and Monopoly Optimization in Observable Queues
Refael Hassin and Ran I. Snitkovsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pseudo-Valid Cutting Planes for Two-Stage Mixed-Integer Stochastic Programs with Right-Hand-Side Uncertainty
Ward Romeijnders and Niels van der Laan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Scheduling of Multiclass Many-Server Queues with Abandonment: The Generalized cμ/h Rule
Zhenghua Long, Nahum Shimkin, Hailun Zhang, and Jiheng Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technical Note—Cyclic Variables and Markov Decision Processes
Avery Haviv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Supply in the On-Demand Economy: Flexible Workers, Full-Time Employees, or Both?
Jing Dong and Rouba Ibrahim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diffusion Approximation for Efficiency-Driven Queues When Customers Are Patient
Shuangchi He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]