J Macromar


Journal of Macromarketing, 40(3)


Special Issue: In Memory and Honor of Robert F. Lusch

Extending Robert F. Lusch’s “Big Picture” Thinking: Introduction
Charles Ingene [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional Norms and the Institutionalization of Macromarketing: Historical Insights, the Long Macro View, and Service-Dominant Logic
Shelby D. Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflections about Professor Robert F. Lusch: Friend, Co-author and Marketing Visionary
Gene R. Laczniak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Personal Salutation to a Dear Friend, Robert F. Lusch
Donald A. Michie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bob Lusch: Co-Creator of Careers
Charles Ingene [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Window on Young Bob Lusch: Reflections of an Early Student
Ray R. Serpkenci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Exchanges, Negative Externalities and Sustainability
Rajan Varadarajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recollections: Dr. Robert F. Lusch
Rajan Varadarajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflections on an Extraordinary Marketing Scholar
David W. Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lessons in Scholarship
William L. Wilkie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Long View on the Responsibilities of Business and Marketers
Ruth N. Bolton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The View from Bob Lusch’s Shoulders
Christine Moorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived Market Risk in New Ventures: A Study of Early-Phase Business Angel Investment Screening
Kellilynn M. Frias, Deidre L. Popovich, Dale F. Duhan, and Robert F. Lusch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Prehistory of Liberty
David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Articles

Institutional Constituents of Change for a Sustainable Fashion System
Zeynep Ozdamar Ertekin and Deniz Atik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Articles

Marketing systems: A Listen, Learn, Leverage Framework
Christine Domegan, Dmitry Brychkov, Patricia McHugh, Áine McNamara, Katharine Harkin, Christine Fitzgerald, and Diarmuid O’Donovan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guns for Christmas: Advertising in Boys’ Life Magazine, 1911-2012
Terrence H. Witkowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personal Values and Consumers’ Ethical Beliefs: The Mediating Roles of Moral Identity and Machiavellianism
Rafi M. M. I. Chowdhury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]