The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing Education


Special issue of Marketing Education Review; Deadline 30 Nov 2020

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Author: Maria Kalamas-Hedden


Call for Papers – Special Issue Fall 2021 The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing Education

Submission deadline: November 30, 2020

Amid the “new normal” of the current pandemic, people long for the old normal. Yet, life will probably not be like it was before COVID-19, at least not in the near term. As academics and marketers, we are not excluded from this new reality. Though none of us can predict the future, universities will see major cuts in their budgets and funding, and students and parents will have reduced funds for college. Some pundits even suggest that colleges may close or consolidate, and the remaining colleges will offer fewer majors. Online education will dominate and as a result, colleges will rely on a more geographically diverse student body. With the cancelation of academic conferences along with travel restrictions and reduced funding, the value of conferencing online will be questioned. This special issue aims to address many of the questions and concerns that COVID-19 creates for students, professors, departments, colleges, professional associations, and universities. Some areas of interest are: How do we prepare for future outbreaks with respect to our classes and content? What are some of the pedagogical methods (past, present, and future) that should come to the forefront in this new age? What do student assessments of the experience say about what did or did not work? How should the marketing major be positioned or updated to remain valuable for the student, the university, and the community. What will be marketing’s unique value proposition moving forward? How do we prepare marketing majors for the uncertain job market? How does one manage an academic career in these challenging times? What do academic conferences need to do to stay relevant? These questions and other related topics are encouraged.

Authors should consider the following outline when preparing a manuscript:

  1. Clearly state the challenge or opportunity the article is planning to address.
  2. Explain how the challenge or opportunity relates to marketing education.
  3. Explain how the solution is novel as it relates to the new reality of COVID-19. How is it different from existing practices / instructional methods?
  4. Explain how the solution is effective. How well does it address the challenge or opportunity?
  5. Report assessment results, if available. If no assessment is available, how will the solution be assessed in the future. Why is this assessment key?
  6. Summarize the challenges, concerns, or limitations of the research.
  7. Comment on the adaptability of the solution across the marketing discipline.

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