Mar Theory


Marketing Theory, 20(3)


Mutualism as market practice: An examination of market performativity in the context of anarchism and its implications for post-capitalist politics
Javier Lloveras, Gary Warnaby, and Lee Quinn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiential brand loyalty: Towards an extended conceptualisation of consumer allegiance to brands
Chinedu James Obiegbu, Gretchen Larsen, and Nick Ellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How globalization affects consumers: Insights from 30 years of CCT globalization research
Zahra Sharifonnasabi, Fleura Bardhi, and Marius K. Luedicke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Initiating actor engagement with novel products
Diana Ayi Wong, Jodie Conduit, and Carolin Plewa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performing place promotion—On implaced identity in marketized geographies
Mikael Andéhn, Joel Hietanen, and Andrea Lucarelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modifying markets: Consumerism and institutional work in nonprofit marketing
Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk and Carl Yngfalk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Punctuated epistemology in international marketing strategy: A Whiteheadian remedy
Konstantinos Poulis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Theorizing rightist anti-consumption
Marine Cambefort and Fabien Pecot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]