J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 56



It takes two to tango: The role of customer empathy and resources to improve the efficacy of frontline employee empathy
Liem Viet Ngo, Thi Nguyet Que Nguyen, Nam The Tran, Widya Paramita [Google Scholar]

The pauper wears prada? How debt stress promotes luxury consumption
Wangshuai Wang, Tianjiao Ma, Jie Li, Mo Zhang [Google Scholar]

Influence of opinion leadership identification criteria: The purchase of smartphones
Margarita E. Romero-Rodríguez, M. Carolina Rodríguez-Donate, M. Carmen Hernández-García, M. Gracia Rodríguez-Brito [Google Scholar]

Dynamic assortment in the presence of brand heterogeneity
Jiaqing Qiu, Xiangyong Li, Yongrui Duan, Mengxi Chen, Peng Tian [Google Scholar]

Modelling consumers’ acceptance for the click and collect service
Christina Milioti, Katerina Pramatari, Ioanna Kelepouri [Google Scholar]

A coordination mechanism through relational contract in a two-echelon supply chain
Yong Liu, Zhi-yang Liu, Wen-wen Ren, Jeffrey Yi Lin Forrest [Google Scholar]

Social media sentimentas an additional performance measure? Examples from iconic theme park destinations
Nicole Olynk Widmar, Courtney Bir, McKenna Clifford, Natalya Slipchenko [Google Scholar]

Intra-household task allocation in online grocery shopping: Together alone
Ellen Van Droogenbroeck, Leo Van Hove [Google Scholar]

Bridging the valuescape with digital technology: A mixed methods study on customers’ value creation process in the physical retail space
Sture Nöjd, Jessica Westman Trischler, Tobias Otterbring, Pernille K. Andersson, Erik Wästlund [Google Scholar]

Why do people use and recommend m-wallets?
Puneet Kaur, Amandeep Dhir, Rahul Bodhi, Tripti Singh, Mohammad Almotairi [Google Scholar]

Feeling hungry? let’s order through mobile! examining the fast food mobile commerce in China
Umair Akram, Aisha Rehman Ansari, Guoqun Fu, Muhammad Junaid [Google Scholar]

Visitors’ pro-environmental behavior and the underlying motivations for natural environment: Merging dual concern theory and attachment theory
Minseong Kim, Dong-Woo Koo [Google Scholar]

Research on the influence of after-sales service quality factors on customer satisfaction
Sajjad Shokouhyar, Sina Shokoohyar, Sepehr Safari [Google Scholar]

Exploring the effect of Starbucks’ green marketing on consumers’ purchase decisions from consumers’ perspective
Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Guan-Yi Lin, Yu-Lin Zheng, Yi-Chong Chen, Pao-Zhen Chen, Zheng-Cheng Su [Google Scholar]

Privacy threats with retail technologies: A consumer perspective
Gabriele Pizzi, Daniele Scarpi [Google Scholar]

The role of consumer knowledge, experience,and heterogeneity in fish consumption: Policy lessons from Japan
Shinichi Kitano, Naotoshi Yamamoto [Google Scholar]

Market demand and government regulation for quality grading system of agricultural products in China
Wenjing Nie, Taiping Li, Liqun Zhu [Google Scholar]

Do consumers use tipping to monitor service? Role of power and embarrassment
Jeonggyu Lee, Anubhav Aggarwal, Hoori Rafieian, Daniel Korschun [Google Scholar]

How to increase multichannel shopping satisfaction? An adapted Kano based stage-gate approach to select new technologies
Daniel Baier, Alexandra Rese [Google Scholar]

The effects of possession- and social inclusion-defined materialism on consumer behavior toward economical versus luxury product categories, goods versus services product types, and individual versus group marketplace scenarios
Weng Marc Lim, Cynthia Su Chen Phang, Ai Ling Lim [Google Scholar]

A multi-country study of bank reputation among customers in Africa: Key antecedents and consequences
Christian Nedu Osakwe, Belén Ruiz, Hayford Amegbe, Nathalie B. Chinje, Jun-Hwa Cheah, T. Ramayah [Google Scholar]

Recipes for achieving customer loyalty: A qualitative comparative analysis of the dimensions of customer experience
Sanja Pekovic, Sylvie Rolland [Google Scholar]

How do consumers process digital display ads in-store? The effect of location, content, and goal relevance
Stephanie van de Sanden, Kim Willems, Malaika Brengman [Google Scholar]

Revisiting customer analytics capability for data-driven retailing
Md Afnan Hossain, Shahriar Akter, Venkata Yanamandram [Google Scholar]

Now is the time to embrace interactive electronic applications of Association Pattern Technique
Lizette Diedericks, Alet C. Erasmus, Suné Donoghue [Google Scholar]

Impact of acculturation to western culture (AWC) on western fashion luxury consumption among Gen-Y consumers in the Asia-Pacific region
Manish Das, Dr Charles Jebarajakirthy [Google Scholar]

Special section on ‘Technology & Retail’, linked to the 26th RARCS (Tallinn, Estonia)
Kim Willems, Malaika Brengman [Google Scholar]

Chatbots in retailers’ customer communication: How to measure their acceptance?
Alexandra Rese, Lena Ganster, Daniel Baier [Google Scholar]

Gender differences using online auctions within a generation Y sample: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Christopher McLaughlin, Laura Bradley McCauley, Garry Prentice, Emma-Jayne Verner, Sharon Loane [Google Scholar]

Engaging and retaining customers with AI and employee service
Catherine Prentice, Mai Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Service quality in airport hotel chains through the lens of online reviewers
Sérgio Moro, Rui J. Lopes, Joaquim Esmerado, Miguel Botelho [Google Scholar]

Shopping and cross-shopping practices in Hanoi Vietnam: An emerging urban market context
Van Hai Tran, Lucie Sirieix [Google Scholar]