Ind Mar Man

by Charles Hofacker


Industrial Marketing Management, 88




How to balance like an academic
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Google Scholar]

Research Articles

The power of emotional value: Moderating customer orientation effect in professional business services relationships
Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, Selma Kadic-Maglajlic, Dario Miocevic [Google Scholar]

Analysis on product rollover strategies: The innovation level perspective
Taofeng Ye, Ning Wang, Nianxin Wang [Google Scholar]

Many roads lead to Rome: How entrepreneurial orientation and trust boost the positive network range and entrepreneurial performance relationship
Baobao Dong, Hangjun Xu, Junmei Luo, Cameron Duncan Nicol, Wenbin Liu [Google Scholar]

Examining salesperson versus sales manager evaluation of customer opportunities: A psychological momentum perspective on optimism, confidence, and overconfidence
Leff Bonney, Christopher R. Plouffe, Bryan Hochstein, Lisa L. Beeler [Google Scholar]

When customer ethnography is good for you – A contingency perspective
Edmund Christian Salzmann, Alexander Kock [Google Scholar]

Priorities when selecting business partners for service innovation: The contingency role of product innovation
Stefan Markovic, Marin Jovanovic, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Cristina Sancha, Marija Sarafinovska, Yuqian Qiu [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

Managing through a crisis: Managerial implications for B2B firms. Edited by: Anthony Di Benedetto, Carsten Lund Pedersen, and Thomas Ritter


Managing through a crisis: Managerial implications for business-to-business firms
Carsten Lund Pedersen, Thomas Ritter, C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Google Scholar]

Managing the sales force through the unexpected exogenous COVID-19 crisis
Nathaniel N. Hartmann, Bruno Lussier [Google Scholar]

The Coronavirus crisis in B2B settings: Crisis uniqueness and managerial implications based on social exchange theory
Roberto Mora Cortez, Wesley J. Johnston [Google Scholar]

Industrial buying during the coronavirus pandemic: A cross-cultural study
Johannes Habel, Viktor Jarotschkin, Bianca Schmitz, Andreas Eggert, Olaf Plötner [Google Scholar]

Coopetition and COVID-19: Collaborative business-to-business marketing strategies in a pandemic crisis
James M. Crick, Dave Crick [Google Scholar]

Analyzing the impact of the coronavirus crisis on business models
Thomas Ritter, Carsten Lund Pedersen [Google Scholar]

Navigating disruptive crises through service-led growth: The impact of COVID-19 on Italian manufacturing firms
Mario Rapaccini, Nicola Saccani, Christian Kowalkowski, Marco Paiola, Federico Adrodegari [Google Scholar]

Increasing resilience by creating an adaptive salesforce
Arun Sharma, Deva Rangarajan, Bert Paesbrugghe [Google Scholar]

Managing business relationships during a pandemic: Conducting a relationship audit and developing a path forward
Michael Obal, Tao (Tony) Gao [Google Scholar]

Using design thinking to respond to crises: B2B lessons from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
Pinar Cankurtaran, Michael B. Beverland [Google Scholar]

Business of business is more than business: Managing during the Covid crisis
Jagdish Sheth [Google Scholar]

Don’t adapt, shape! Use the crisis to shape your minimum viable system – And the wider market
Suvi Nenonen, Kaj Storbacka [Google Scholar]

The POP-DOC Loop: A continuous process for situational awareness and situational action
Leonard J. Marcus, Eric J. McNulty, Lisa B. Flynn, Joseph M. Henderson, Peter V. Neffenger, Richard Serino, Jacob Trenholm [Google Scholar]

Mindful management of relationships during periods of crises: A model of trust, doubt and relational adjustments
Katayoun Zafari, Sergio Biggemann, Tony Garry [Google Scholar]

Navigating crisis from the backseat? How top managers can support radical change initiatives by middle managers
Mariano L.M. Heyden, Ralf Wilden, Chelsea Wise [Google Scholar]

Risk, uncertainty, ignorance and myopia: Their managerial implications for B2B firms
Josef Oehmen, Giorgio Locatelli, Morten Wied, Pelle Willumsen [Google Scholar]

We survived this! What managers could learn from SMEs who successfully navigated the Greek economic crisis
Efthymia Kottika, Ayşegül Özsomer, Pernille Rydén, Ioannis G. Theodorakis, Kostas Kaminakis, Konstantinos G. Kottikas, Vlasis Stathakopoulos [Google Scholar]

Opportunities for value-based selling in an economic crisis: Managerial insights from a firm boundary theory
Joona Keränen, Anna Salonen, Harri Terho [Google Scholar]

To recover faster from Covid-19, open up: Managerial implications from an open innovation perspective
Henry Chesbrough [Google Scholar]

A diagnostic tool to determine a strategic improvisation Readiness Index Score (IRIS) to survive, adapt, and thrive in a crisis
Paul Hughes, Robert E. Morgan, Ian R. Hodgkinson, Yiannis Kouropalatis, Adam Lindgreen [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

The role of technological innovation in support of B2B international trade. Edited by: Ewelina Lacka, Hing Kai Chan, Xiaojun Wang.

Technological advancements and B2B international trade: A bibliometric analysis and review of industrial marketing research
Ewelina Lacka, Hing Kai Chan, Xiaojun Wang [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

When West Meets East: Cross-Cultural Relationship Management in Supply Chains. Edited by: Cheng Lu Wang and Henry Chung

Effect of entrepreneurial orientation, collectivistic orientation and swift Guanxi with suppliers on market performance: A study of e-commerce enterprises
Yongge Niu, Fumin Deng, Andy W. Hao [Google Scholar]

Business networking and innovation of Asian enterprises in Western countries: The moderation of institutional distance
Cheng Lu Wang, Henry F.L. Chung [Google Scholar]

Legitimizing actions in dependence-asymmetry relationships: A comparison between Chinese and Western firms
Fue Zeng, Qing Ye, Maggie Chuoyan Dong, Zhen Huang, Zhiqiang Liu [Google Scholar]

Does continuity matter? Developing a new long-term orientation structure in a cross-cultural context: A study on supply chain relationships
Jiaxun He, Li Sun [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

Managing B2B Relationship with Emerging Market Partners. Edited by: Daekwan Kim, Ruey Jer Bryan Jean, Tomas Hult.

Inter-partner control, trust, and radical innovation of IJVs in China: A contingent governance perspective
Liwen Wang, Jason Lu Jin, Defeng Yang, Kevin Zheng Zhou [Google Scholar]

Trust and knowledge sharing in context: A study of international buyer-supplier relationships in Thailand
Rapeeporn Rungsithong, Klaus E. Meyer [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

IMM Summit 2020. Edited by: Anthony Di Benedetto, Adam Lindgreen

Identifying, analyzing, and finding solutions to the sales lead black hole: A design science approach
Michel van der Borgh, Juan Xu, Marin Sikkenk [Google Scholar]

Sustainability research in business-to-business markets: An agenda for inquiry
Arun Sharma [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

Theory and Practice of Outside-in Marketing. Edited by: Jifeng Mu, James Mathewson, Mike Moran, Anthony Di Benedetto

The yin and yang of outside-in thinking
George Day [Google Scholar]

Marketing ecosystem: An outside-in view for sustainable advantage
Jonathan Z. Zhang, George F. Watson IV [Google Scholar]

Customer based execution and strategy: Enhancing the relevance & utilization of B2B scholarship in the C-suite
Vikas Mittal, Shrihari Sridhar [Google Scholar]

Big Data Analysis of Volatility Spillovers of Brands across Social Media and Stock Markets
Myrthe van Dieijen, Abhishek Borah, Gerard J. Tellis, Philip Hans Franses [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

B2B Service Innovation and Global Industrial Service Management. Edited by: Mumin Dayan, Nelson Oly Ndubisi

Sourcing green makes green: Evidence from the BRICs
Christina W.Y. Wong, Kee-hung Lai, Yu Pang, Hazel Sung Yan Lee, T.C.E. Cheng [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Ethnicity and Culture on Industrial Marketing. Edited by: Zhiyong Yang, Ahmad Jamal, Lianxi Zhou

The contingent effect of social networking ties on Asian immigrant enterprises’ innovation
Henry F.L. Chung, Dorothy A. Yen, Cheng Lu Wang [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

The Blurring Boundaries between B2B actors and Consumers in the Supply Chains/Networks of Digitalizing Business Models. Edited BY: David B. Grant, Jaakko Aspara, Maria Holmlund

Food sharing, redistribution, and waste reduction via mobile applications: A social network analysis
John Harvey, Andrew Smith, James Goulding, Ines Branco Illodo [Google Scholar]

Crowdfunding networks: Structure, dynamics and critical capabilities
Julia A. Fehrer, Suvi Nenonen [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Articles on Managing through a crisis

Interfirm Networks and Innovation. Edited by: Josef Windsperger, Gérard Cliquet, Hendrikse George, Marijana Srećković, Muhammad Zafar Yaqub

Partners’ centrality diversity and firm innovation performance: Evidence from China
Yusi Jiang, Yi Yang, Yapu Zhao, Yuan Li [Google Scholar]

Performance implications of using signaling and screening for expanding interfirm business networks: Evidence from franchising
Farhad Sadeh, Manish Kacker [Google Scholar]

How international SME’s vicarious learning may improve their performance? The role of absorptive capacity, strength of ties with local SMEs, and their prior success experiences
Imran Ali, Murad Ali, Mohammad Asif Salam, Zeeshan Ahmed Bhatti, Ghulam Ali Arain, Muhammad Burhan [Google Scholar]