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The Dark and Bright Side, Special issue call for papers from the Journal of Consumer Behaviour; Deadline 15 Jun 2021

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Author: Park Thaichon

The Dark and Bright Side of Online Consumer Behaviour

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Consumer Behaviour

Journal of Consumer Behaviour has a call for papers for a special issue “The Dark and Bright Side of Online Consumer Behaviour”. The special issue is co-edited by Dr. Jun-Hwa Cheah (Jacky), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hiram Ting, UCSI University, Malaysia and Ming Chuan University, and Dr Park Thaichon, Griffith University.

The objective of this special issue is to push the boundaries of online consumer behaviour research and draw the urgent attention of academics and practitioners to this important and fertile area. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Can consumers be protected from unscrupulous sellers and hackers?
  • Will the threat of security breaches make consumer hesitant to shop and purchase online (i.e. information security)?
  • Can consumers trust online sellers to protect their private information and not provide access to that information to others without the knowledge and consent of consumers (i.e., Information Privacy)?
  • Are the online reviews ostensibly by other consumers believable and reliable (i.e. the misinformation, disinformation, online fake news, and deceptive advertisement)?
  • What are the relevant psychological, sociological and behavioural aspects that impact on impulsive and compulsive online buying behaviours (i.e. Fear of Missing Out)?
  • Why do consumers abandon their shopping carts before completing a transaction?
  • Will mobile apps and consumer review’s impact on a consumer purchase decision?
  • Will opinion leaders from social media and/or market mavens’ recommendations influence their followers’ intention to buy in online?
  • What is the future of online selling and will it replace the traditional retail store (multichannel store and omni-channel store)?
  • How can the popularity cues displayed on the sales website push the consumer to place orders?
  • How do the interactive (i.e. Chatbot) and social features on users’ online experiences shape consumer purchase intention of virtual goods from a social network site?
  • Will the use of online mobile apps lead to collaborative consumption?

The deadline for submission is 15th June 2021

Please find more information on the special issue via this link: