Customer Experience Collection

by Charles Hofacker


The Journal of Service Research offers a curated collection of articles on CX

POSTING TYPE: Journal News

Author: Mike Brady

Customer Experience Collection

Journal of Service Research
Editor: Michael K. Brady
Florida State University, USA

As customer experience (CX) continues to be high on the scholarly and practitioner agendas, this collection of articles represents a sample of research studies focusing on CX and its management published in the Journal of Service Research (JSR). The curation and organization of these articles is built upon a forthcoming review paper identifying Touchpoints, Context, and Qualities as crucial elements of CX.

The selected articles help answer the following questions:

  1. What is the nature of CX?
  2. How should firms design various types of touchpoints across the customer journey and their connections?
  3. How can firms account for contextual differences and influences on CX?
  4. How can we characterize distinct qualities of the CX and accompanied customer reactions?

The purpose of this collection is to provide scholars and practitioners with a reading list offering a sound academic understanding of CX, as well as to help advance CX research and management efforts.