Pub Opinion Quart

by Charles Hofacker


Public Opinion Quarterly, 84(1)



Reforms and Redistribution: Disentangling the Egoistic and Sociotropic Origins of Voter Preferences
Michael M Bechtel; Roman Liesch [Google Scholar]

Anti-Intellectualism, Populism, and Motivated Resistance to Expert Consensus
Eric Merkley [Google Scholar]

The (Null) Effects of Clickbait Headlines on Polarization, Trust, and Learning
Kevin Munger; Mario Luca; Jonathan Nagler ; Joshua Tucker [Google Scholar]

Addressing Global Warming Denialism: The Efficacy of Mechanism-Based Explanations in Changing Global Warming Beliefs
Jeff D Rotman; T J Weber; Andrew W Perkins [Google Scholar]

What Do Partisan Donors Want?
David Broockman; Neil Malhotra [Google Scholar]

The Rise of Trump, The Fall of Prejudice? Tracking White Americans’ Racial Attitudes Via A Panel Survey, 2008–2018
Daniel J Hopkins; Samantha Washington [Google Scholar]

Children’s Views of the American Presidency
Zoe M Oxley; Mirya R Holman; Jill S Greenlee ; Angela L Bos; J Celeste Lay [Google Scholar]

Vote Choice and the Nonseparability of Economic and Social Issues
Lukas F Stoetzer; Steffen Zittlau [Google Scholar]


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Mary Layton Atkinson [Google Scholar]

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Michael F Salamone [Google Scholar]

Gary Jacobson. Presidents & Parties in the Public Mind. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2019. 272 pp. $90.00 (cloth). $30.00 (paper).
Douglas L Kriner [Google Scholar]


Corrigendum to: The Polls—Trends: Americans’ Trust in Science and Scientists

Corrigendum to: Ethnic Change, Personality, and Polarization Over Immigration in the American Public
Christopher D Johnston; Benjamin J Newman; Yamil R Velez [Google Scholar]


Erratum to: Follow the (ISSUE) Leader? The Leader-Led Nexus Revisited