J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 43(2)



Evidence from Retail Food Markets That Consumers Are Confused by Natural and Organic Food Labels
F. Kuchler, M. Bowman, M. Sweitzer, C. Greene [Google Scholar]

Development of the Voluntary Simplicity Engagement Scale: Measuring Low-Consumption Lifestyles
S. A. Rich, B. J. Wright, P. C. Bennett [Google Scholar]

Quality Labelling for Re-used ICT Equipment to Support Consumer Choice in the Circular Economy
I. Gåvertsson, L. Milios, C. Dalhammar [Google Scholar]

Behaviour Change for Sustainable Consumption
Wencke Gwozdz, Lucia A. Reisch, John Thøgersen [Google Scholar]

Is There Room for Ethical Consumers on the Finnish Political Spectrum?
A. Koivula, I. Kukkonen, J. Sivonen, P. Räsänen [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Future Time Perspective and Personality on the Sustainable Behaviours of Seniors
J. K. Eastman, P. Modi, S. Gordon-Wilson [Google Scholar]

The Concept of “Consumption Corridors” Meets Society: How an Idea for Fundamental Changes in Consumption is Received
R. Defila, Antonietta Di Giulio [Google Scholar]

The Hassle Factor as a Psychological Barrier to a Green Home
G. Vries, M. Rietkerk, R. Kooger [Google Scholar]

Encouraging Sustainable Behaviour Change via a Social Practice Approach: A Focus on Apparel Consumption Practices
M. G. McEachern, D. Middleton, T. Cassidy [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Handbook of Sustainable Innovation by Frank Boons & Andrew McMeekin
K. R. Nielsen [Google Scholar]

Book Notes

Book Notes “Economics and Social Sciences” 2/2020
L. A. Reisch, F. C. Doebbe [Google Scholar]