ISMS PhD Research Grants


The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science announces support for PhD students conducting marketing science research; Deadline 31 Aug 2020


Author: Catherine Tucker

ISMS Early Stage Research Grants

The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) is pleased to announce its a new initiative to provide support to PhD students conducting marketing science research.

Click here for a list of past winners.

Award Committee

The research awards will be reviewed and the winners will be selected by the members of a committee consisting of Professors Sanjay Jain (chair), Bruce Norris, Hema Yoganarasimhan,  Giorgos Zervas,

Application Eligibility Criteria

Any student member of ISMS is eligible to participate in this competition, provided that:

– The candidate or his/her advisor/chair has been a dues paying member of ISMS for at least two years (including the current year).

– The candidate is registered at an accredited university to receive the degree of PhD in business or marketing.

– The candidate’s advisor/chair certifies that the dissertation will not be completed by December 31st of 2020.

– There is a demonstrable financial need for the research award.  For example, the student needs money to: collect data, obtain software, access cloud-computing resources, run experiments, pay research assistants

Award Information

One to five awards of $5000 will be awarded to most deserving proposals. Only submission materials submitted by this form no later than August 31, 2020, will be considered.


Evaluation Criteria: The committee will just the proposals both based on need for money and merit of the research that it will support.

The winner(s) are expected to be announced by December 15, 2020.

Responsibility of Award Recipients

A year after they receive the award, recipients should email the VP of Education at ISMS to summarize how they have used the money, and the research that has been produced.

For any further questions and information regarding the submission of proposals, please contact:

Catherine Tucker, VP Education, ISMS
Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management, MIT

The authoritative version of this announcement is here.