J Retailing

by Charles Hofacker


Journal of Retailing, 96(2)



How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Change the World of Retailing
Anne L. Roggeveen, Raj Sethuraman [Google Scholar]

Many (Un)happy Returns? The Changing Nature of Retail Product Returns and Future Research Directions
Thomas S. Robertson, Ryan Hamilton, Sandy D. Jap [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Payment Mechanisms on Pricing: When Mental Imagery Stimulates Desire for Money
Xiaobing Xu, Rong Chen, Lan Jiang [Google Scholar]

Counterfeiters in Online Marketplaces: Stealing Your Sales or Sharing Your Costs
Jiong Sun, Xing Zhang, Qingyuan Zhu [Google Scholar]

Luxury Single- versus Multi-Brand Stores: The Effect of Consumers’ Hedonic Goals on Brand Comparisons
Perrine Desmichel, Bruno Kocher [Google Scholar]

The Price of Power: How Firm’s Market Power Affects Perceived Fairness of Price Increases
Zhi Lu, Lisa E. Bolton, Sharon Ng, Haipeng (Allan) Chen [Google Scholar]

Premiums Paid for What You Believe In: The Interactive Roles of Price Promotion and Cause Involvement on Consumer Response
Claire Heeryung Kim, Eunjoo Han [Google Scholar]

The Role of Hedonic and Utilitarian Motives on the Effectiveness of Partitioned Pricing
Jungsil Choi, Sreedhar R. Madhavaram, Hyun Young Park [Google Scholar]

Shape Matters: Package Shape Informs Brand Status Categorization and Brand Choice
Huan Chen, Jun Pang, Minkyung Koo, Vanessa M. Patrick [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Right-Slanted Fonts Increase the Effectiveness of Promotional Retail Advertising
James A. Mead, Rob Richerson, Wenjing Li [Google Scholar]