J Con Affairs

by Charles Hofacker


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 54(2)




Pandemic 101
Ronald Paul Hill [Google Scholar]

Do consumers view the nutrition facts panel when making healthfulness assessments of food products? Antecedents and consequences
Manoj Hastak, Anusree Mitra, Debra J. Ringold [Google Scholar]

Perceptions of Home Insurance and Policy Directions: Comparing Mexican Americans and Non‐Hispanic White Americans
Mohammadali Zolfagharian, Fuad Hasan, Golnaz B. Motie, Gregory D. Squires [Google Scholar]

A Sustainable Pathway to Consumer Wellbeing. The Role of Anticonsumption and Consumer Empowerment
Ingo Balderjahn, Michael S.W. Lee, Barbara Seegebarth, Mathias Peyer [Google Scholar]

Withholding Consumption: A Free Riding Perspective on the Diffusion of Color Television in Rural China
Zhao Rong, Lan Wu [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Financial Literacy Overconfidence on the Mortgage Delinquency of US Households
Kyoung Tae Kim, Jonghee Lee, Sherman D. Hanna [Google Scholar]

Three Decades of Research in Health and Food Marketing: A Systematic Review
Ksenia Silchenko, Søren Askegaard, Elena Cedrola [Google Scholar]

Avoiding household food waste, one step at a time: The role of self‐efficacy, convenience orientation, and the good provider identity in distinct situational contexts
Jessica Aschemann‐Witzel, Ana Giménez, Alice Grønhøj, Gastón Ares [Google Scholar]

Why do many consumers prefer to pay now when they could pay later?
Arvind Agrawal, James W. Gentry [Google Scholar]

When family dining protects against sweet food consumption… and when it does not
Marie‐Eve Laporte, Sophie Rieunier, Geraldine Michel [Google Scholar]

Schooling, numeracy, and wealth accumulation: A study involving an agrarian population
Catalina Estrada‐Mejia, Ellen Peters, Nathan F. Dieckmann, Marcel Zeelenberg, Marieke De Vries, David P. Baker [Google Scholar]

Power and responsibility: Advertising self‐regulation and consumer protection in a digital world
Sonia Dickinson‐Delaporte, Kathleen Mortimer, Gayle Kerr, David S Waller, Alice Kendrick [Google Scholar]

Do not swipe the small stuff: A randomized evaluation of rules of thumb‐based financial education
Brett Theodos, Christina Plerhoples Stacy, Devlin Hanson, Julian Jamison, Rebecca Daniels [Google Scholar]

The effects of physical activity calorie equivalent labeling on dieters’ food consumption and post‐consumption physical activity
Huizhen Jin, Yi‐a Li, Dongjin Li, Jun Zheng [Google Scholar]

Staying in “the works of living”: How older adults employ marketplace resources to age successfully
Monica C. LaBarge, Martin Pyle [Google Scholar]

The Financial Knowledge Scale: New Analyses, Findings, and Development of a Short Form
Carrie R. Houts, Melissa A. Z. Knoll [Google Scholar]

Financial advisor titles: Informational complexity and the role of regulatory simplification
Alex W. Macfarlan, Cathleen D. Zick [Google Scholar]