Dec Sciences

by Charles Hofacker


Decision Sciences, 51(3)



Special Issue

Information and Operational Decision Sciences: The Interplay of Information Technology and Operational Decision Sciences
Jose Benitez, Xin Luo, Gyula Vastag [Google Scholar]

Supply Chain Information Integration and Firm Performance: Are Explorative and Exploitative IT Capabilities Complementary or Substitutive?
Shaobo Wei, Weiling Ke, Hefu Liu, Kwok Kee Wei [Google Scholar]

Impacts of Hospital Complexity on Experiential Quality: Mitigating Roles of Information Technology
David Xiaosong Peng, Yuan Ye, Bo Feng, David Xin Ding, Gregory R. Heim [Google Scholar]

Impact of the Strategic Role of IT on Explorative and Exploitative Innovation Activities: The Role of Environmental Uncertainty
Yi Wang, Yang Chen, Nianxin Wang, Saggi Nevo, Gang Kou, Fawaz E. Alsaadi [Google Scholar]

Impact of IS Capabilities on Firm Performance: The Roles of Organizational Agility and Industry Technology Intensity
Carmen M. Felipe, Dorothy E. Leidner, José L. Roldán, Antonio L. Leal‐Rodríguez [Google Scholar]

Impact of Service‐Dominant Orientation on the Innovation Performance of Technology Firms: Roles of Knowledge Sharing and Relationship Learning
H. L. Yiu, Eric W.T. Ngai, Chun Fong Lei [Google Scholar]

Impact of IT Ambidexterity on New Product Development Speed: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Tahir Abbas Syed, Constantin Blome, Thanos Papadopoulos [Google Scholar]

Inducing Downstream Information Sharing via Manufacturer Information Acquisition and Retailer Subsidy
Guo Li, Hong Zheng, Suresh P. Sethi, Xu Guan [Google Scholar]

Does Information Technology Substitute for or Complement Human Labor? A Dynamic Stratified Analysis on European Countries
Gang Peng, Dawei (David) Zhang [Google Scholar]

Monetary Rewards, Intrinsic Motivators, and Work Engagement in the IT‐Enabled Sharing Economy: A Mixed‐Methods Investigation of Internet Taxi Drivers*
Ying Hua, Xusen Cheng, Tingting Hou, Rob Luo [Google Scholar]

Navigating the Best Path to Optimality in a University Grants Administration Workload Assignment Problem
Megan Wydick Martin, Cliff Ragsdale [Google Scholar]

Developing Double Frontier Version of Dynamic Network DEA Model: Assessing Sustainability of Supply Chains
Tahmoures Samavati, Taliva Badiezadeh, Reza Farzipoor Saen [Google Scholar]