Res Apps Mar

by Charles Hofacker


Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 35(2)


The Local Exchange Trading System in France (Système d’Échange Local (SEL)): Creating a scale to measure motivations for participation in SEL practice and identification of SEL member profiles
Hélène Privat, Bertrand Urien, Hélène Cherrier, and Pierre Valette-Florence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The destiny of replaced technological products: The influence of perceived residual value
Dominique Kréziak, Isabelle Prim-Allaz, and Elisabeth Robinot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer learning trajectories when using a product for the first time
Elisa Monnot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value derived from a practice: An application to the case of energy savings
Morgane Innocent and Agnès François-Lecompte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Review Article

Celebrity endorsement: Conceptual clarifications, critical review, and future research perspectives
Laure Ambroise and Noël Albert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]