ISMS Award Announcements


The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science announces a slate of award winners


Author: Deepa Chandrasekaran

The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Frank M. Bass Dissertation Competition Award, the 2019 John D.C. Little Award, the 2020 Long Term Impact Award and the 2020 Buck Weaver Award.

The winners are:

  1. Stephen J. Anderson has been awarded the 2019 ISMS Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award for research titled “Pathways to Profits: The Impact of Marketing versus Finance Skills on Business Performance”. The Bass Award is given annually to the best marketing paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis published in an INFORMS-sponsored journal.
  2. Brett R. GordonFlorian ZettelmeyerNeha Bhargava, and Dan Chapsky  have been awarded the 2019 ISMS John D. C. Little award for the paper “A Comparison of Approaches to Advertising Measurement: Evidence from Big Field Experiments at Facebook”. The John D. C. Little award is given annually to the best marketing paper published in Marketing Science, Management Science, or another INFORMS journal.
  3. Jun B. Kim, Paulo Albuquerque, and Bart J. Bronnenberg have been awarded the 2020 ISMS Long Term Impact award for the paper “Online Demand under Limited Consumer Search”. The Long Term Impact Award (LTI Award) is given annually to a marketing paper published in Marketing Science, or Management Science, or another INFORMS journal, that is viewed to have made a significant long run impact on the field of Marketing.
  4. Roland Rust is the winner of the 2020 ISMS Buck Weaver award. The Buck Weaver Award is given annually to honor distinguished scholars and practitioners who have excelled in the achievement of rigor and relevance in marketing science.

In addition, Richard Staelin and Carl Mela received the 2020 ISMS David B. Montgomery and Dick R. Wittink recognition for chairing the 42nd Annual Marketing Science Conference.

On behalf of ISMS,

Deepa Chandrasekaran (Secretary).