by Charles Hofacker


The European Marketing Academy calls for nominations for Editor of the International Journal of Research in Marketing; Deadline 15 Jul 2020

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Author: ELMAR Moderator



International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM)

The International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) is searching for a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC), with a three-year term to begin in Summer 2021.  IJRM is widely considered the world’s top non-US-based marketing journal, and is the flagship journal of the European Marketing Academy.  Published by Elsevier, IJRM is open to all marketing topics and all research methodologies.  It is rated as a top-level publication in most countries.  More information about IJRM can be found at


We anticipate that the new EIC will appoint a team of three Co-Editors, diverse with respect to gender, geography, ethnic background, and foundational research area.  We do not expect candidates for EIC to have those people lined up ahead of time, especially because other candidates for EIC may also be top choices for Co-Editor.

We welcome nominations of other candidates, and also self-nominations.  All nominated candidates will be contacted, to verify their interest.  The decision on the new EIC will be made by a committee consisting of Michael Haenlein (ESCP Europe, France), Iris Hung (Fudan University, China), Roland Rust (University of Maryland, USA), and Anne ter Braak (KU Leuven, Belgium).

Please send your nominations to EMAC VP of Publications, Roland Rust (rrust@rhsmith.umd.edu) by July 15, 2020.  Nominations at this stage only need to be the name of a prospective EIC.  Candidates chosen for further consideration may then be asked to supply more detailed information.  We hope to select the new EIC by Fall 2020, so the new EIC has time to assemble his/her editorial team.Qualifications that will be considered in selecting the new EIC include:

  • A strong record of publication in the top marketing journals
  • Significant editorial experience, as an Editor, Co-Editor, or Associate Editor.
  • History of publication in IJRM
  • Editorial experience with IJRM
  • History of participation in EMAC and its conferences
  • High international visibility in the marketing academic community
  • Evidence of ability to lead and manage organizations
  • Senior standing in academia or industry
  • Openness to a wide variety of research topics and methodologies
  • Support by the EIC’s institution

Those interested in being nominated are encouraged to contact previous Editors-in-Chief to get a better idea of what the job entails.  Recent EICs include P.K. Kannan, Roland Rust, Eitan Muller, Jacob Goldenberg, Marnik Dekimpe, Don Lehmann, and Stefan Stremersch.