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Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries


Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries

Springer has a freely available research portal focused on Black Lives Matter, including open access to the RIM edited volume:  Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries.

Here is a link to the Springer BLM campaign:


And here is a link where you can download the RIM book for free: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-11711-5

Introduction by Guillaume D. Johnson, Kevin D. Thomas, Anthony Kwame Harrison, Sonya A. Grier (eds.)

Space and Time

Making the Mass White: How Racial Segregation Shaped Consumer Segmentation by Marcel Rosa-Salas

Race, Markets, and Digital Technologies: Historical and Conceptual Frameworks by W. Trevor Jamerson

(Re)Visiting the Corner Store: Black Youth, Gentrification, and Food Sovereignty by Naya Jones

Beyond Whiteness: Perspectives on the Rise of the Pan-Asian Beauty Ideal by Jeaney Yip, Susan Ainsworth, Miles Tycho Hugh

Racialization and Intersectionality

Shopping While Veiled: An Exploration of the Experiences of Veiled Muslim Consumers in France by Ranam Alkayyali

Constructing and Critiquing Interracial Couples on YouTube by Francesca Sobande

Marketing Marriage and Colorism in India by Komal K. Dhillon-Jamerson

“Dirty Braids”: How Hair Is Disrupting Dominant Racial Narratives in Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane Maria by Jess Vega-Centeno

Voices and Modes of Understanding

Are Black Consumers a Bellwether for the Nation? How Research on Blacks Can Foreground Our Understanding of Race in the Marketplace by Cassi Pittman Claytor

A Loan at Last? Race and Racism in Mortgage Lending by Vanessa Gail Perry

Crowd-Based Markets: Technical Progress, Civil and Social Regression by Lauren Rhue

  1. Neoliberalism, Markets and Marketization

Cultural Justice and Collecting: Challenging the Underrecognition of African American Artists by Patricia A. Banks

The New Economics of Colorism in the Skin Whitening Industry: Case of India and Nigeria by Ramya M. Vijaya

Race as a Currency? Profitability and Racialization in French Healthcare Institutions by Dorothée Prud’homme

Development by Markets: An Essay on the Continuities of Colonial Development and Racism in Africa by Samuel Kwaku Bonsu