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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 55



Customer proactive training vs customer reactive training in retail store settings: Effects on script proficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales volume
Lionel Nicod, Sylvie Llosa, David Bowen [Google Scholar]

Consumer resistance and inertia of retail investors: Development of the resistance adoption inertia continuance (RAIC) framework
Himanshu Seth, Shalini Talwar, Anuj Bhatia, Akanksha Saxena, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Sociodemographic and spatial disaggregation of e-commerce channel use in the grocery market in Great Britain
Nick Hood, Ryan Urquhart, Andy Newing, Alison Heppenstall [Google Scholar]

How self-construal drives intention for status consumption: A moderated mediated mechanism
Charles Jebarajakirthy, Manish Das [Google Scholar]

The differential and synergistic effects of market orientation and entrepreneurial orientation on hotel ambidexterity
Nabil Ghantous, Ibrahim Alnawas [Google Scholar]

Examining key drivers of consumer experience with (non-financial) digital services—An exploratory study
Aijaz A. Shaikh, Majed D. Alharthi, Hawazen O. Alamoudi [Google Scholar]

The effect of 360-degree rotatable product images on purchase intention
Seeun Kim, Tae Hyun Baek, Sukki Yoon [Google Scholar]

Digital piracy among consumers in a developing economy: A comparison of multiple theory-based models
Kian Yeik Koay, Fandy Tjiptono, Manjit Singh Sandhu [Google Scholar]

Virtual reality through the customer journey: Framework and propositions
Linda D. Hollebeek, Moira K. Clark, Tor W. Andreassen, Valdimar Sigurdsson, Dale Smith [Google Scholar]

Are there peas in a pod when considering mobile phone and mobile applications use: A quantitative study
Nisreen Ameen, Mahmood Hussain Shah, Julian Sims, Jyoti Choudrie, Robert Willis [Google Scholar]

Therapeutic servicescapes: Restorative and relational resources in service settings
Mark S. Rosenbaum, Margareta Friman, Germán Contreras Ramirez, Tobias Otterbring [Google Scholar]

Impact of shared history on customers’ service evaluations
Zeina T. Al Hakim, Sanchayan Sengupta, Caroline Cuny [Google Scholar]

Determining profitable products in the retail market with consideration of cash limitation and exhibition periods
Gholam Hossain Kiani [Google Scholar]

Retailer corporate social responsibility and consumer citizenship behavior: The mediating roles of perceived consumer effectiveness and consumer trust
Van Thac Dang, Ninh Nguyen, Simon Pervan [Google Scholar]

Barriers and enablers for innovation in the retail sector: Co-innovating with the customer. A case study in grocery retailing
Jose Albors-Garrigos [Google Scholar]

A synthesis of constructs for modelling consumers’ perception of value from mobile-commerce (M-VAL)
Omkar Dastane, Chai Lee Goi, Fazlul Rabbanee [Google Scholar]

“Conflict-performance assumption” or “performance-conflict assumption”: Insights from franchising
Rozenn Perrigot, Begoña López-Fernández, Guy Basset [Google Scholar]

Consumer personality and lifestyles at the box office and beyond: How demographics, lifestyles and personalities predict movie consumption
Anthony Palomba [Google Scholar]

Quality disclosure in the presence of strategic consumers
Ju Zhao, Ju Qiu, Yong-Wu Zhou, Xiao-Jian Hu, Ai-Feng Yang [Google Scholar]

Weathering consumer pricing sensitivity: The importance of customer contact and personalized services in the financial services industry
Wonjoo Yun, Nicole Hanson [Google Scholar]

The effect of time-varying factors on promotional activity in the German milk market
Patrick Sebastian Holzer [Google Scholar]

Transnational corporations’ localization strategies via retail attributes: Focus on Chinese market
Sanghyup Shin, Hyun Kim, Woohyoung Kim [Google Scholar]

Brand addiction in the contexts of luxury and fast-fashion brands
Mona Mrad, Joelle Majdalani, Charles Chi Cui, Zeinab El Khansa [Google Scholar]

Point of adoption and beyond. Initial trust and mobile-payment continuation intention
Shalini Talwar, Amandeep Dhir, Ashraf Khalil, Geetha Mohan, A.K.M. Najmul Islam [Google Scholar]

Do ethics drive value co-creation on digital sharing economy platforms?
Waqar Nadeem, Saifeddin Al-Imamy [Google Scholar]

Fairness perception of ancillary fees: Industry differences and communication strategies
Wujin Chu, Jeongmin Lee, Chris Baumann, Christine Kang [Google Scholar]

Label design of wines sold online: Effects of perceived authenticity on purchase intentions
Jean-Éric Pelet, François Durrieu, Erhard Lick [Google Scholar]

Forecasting artificial intelligence on online customer assistance: Evidence from chatbot patents analysis
Eleonora Pantano, Gabriele Pizzi [Google Scholar]

Storytelling, the scale of persuasion and retention: A neuromarketing approach
Nicolas Hamelin, Park Thaichon, Christopher Abraham, Nicholas Driver, … Jayarethanam Pillai [Google Scholar]

When retailers and manufacturers advertise together; examining the effect of co-operative advertising on ad reach and memorability
Cathy Nguyen, Jenni Romaniuk, Justin Cohen, Margaret Faulkner [Google Scholar]

Measuring ease of use of mobile applications in e-commerce retailing from the perspective of consumer online shopping behaviour patterns
Xiong Li, Xiaodong Zhao, Wangtu (Ato) Xu, Wei Pu [Google Scholar]

The effects of benefit-driven commitment on usage of social media for shopping and positive word-of-mouth
Sann Ryu, JungKun Park [Google Scholar]

Exploring the influence of online reviews and motivating factors on sales: A meta-analytic study and the moderating role of product category
Kunlin Li, Yuhan Chen, Liyi Zhang [Google Scholar]

An innovation resistance theory perspective on mobile payment solutions
Puneet Kaur, Amandeep Dhir, Naveen Singh, Ganesh Sahu, Mohammad Almotairi [Google Scholar]

Explaining the impact of consumer religiosity, perceived risk and moral potency on purchase intentions
Gary Mortimer, Syed Muhammad Fazal-e-Hasan, Martin Grimmer, Louise Grimmer [Google Scholar]

The effect of attribute originality on consumers’ adoption intention of customization: The role of construal level
Bo Chen [Google Scholar]

The effect of specific discount pattern in terms of price promotions on perceived price attractiveness and purchase intention: An experimental research
Naci Büyükdağ, Ayşe Nur Soysal, Olgun Ki̇tapci [Google Scholar]

Identifying the critical factors of customer behavior: An integration perspective of marketing strategy and components of attitudes
Sheng-Fang Chou, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Chih-Hsing Sam Liu, Jun-You Lin [Google Scholar]

Exploring the determinants of usage continuance willingness for location-based apps: A case study of bicycle-based exercise apps
Chia-Chen Chen, Kuo-Lun Hsiao, Wan-Chen Li [Google Scholar]

A correlated uniqueness model of service quality measurement among users of cloud-based service platforms
Kwabena G. Boakye, Prathiba Natesan, Victor R. Prybutok [Google Scholar]

Mediated-moderated effects: High and low store image, brand awareness, perceived value from mini and supermarkets retail stores
Ana Paula Graciola, Deonir De Toni, Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Luciene Eberle [Google Scholar]
Graphical abstract

“I’ll buy what she’s #wearing”: The roles of envy toward and parasocial interaction with influencers in Instagram celebrity-based brand endorsement and social commerce
S. Venus Jin, Ehri Ryu [Google Scholar]

Guilt online vs. offline: What are its consequences on consumer behavior?
Camille Saintives [Google Scholar]

The effect of alcohol consumption and contextual cues on the evaluation of new brands of alcoholic beverages at the POS
Kapil Khandeparkar, Manoj Motiani [Google Scholar]

Price competition between green and non green products under corporate social responsible firm
Shib Sankar Sana [Google Scholar]

Need-for-touch and online purchase propensity: A comparative study of Portuguese and Chinese consumers
Paulo Duarte, Susana Costa e Silva [Google Scholar]

Investigating conflicting online review information:evidence from Amazon.com
Elika Kordrostami, Vahid Rahmani [Google Scholar]

Online anthropomorphism and consumers’ privacy concern: Moderating roles of need for interaction and social exclusion
Yi Xie, Ke Chen, Xiaoling Guo [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ purchase decisions and employer image
Maria Rybaczewska, Leigh Sparks, Łukasz Sułkowski [Google Scholar]

An exploratory investigation of factors affecting and best predicting the renewed adoption of mobile wallets
Claudel Mombeuil [Google Scholar]

The quest for consumer engagement via cause-related marketing: A mixed method study in an emerging economy
Akansha Singh, Govind Swaroop Pathak [Google Scholar]

Understanding the inhibitors to consumer mobile purchasing intentions
Stefanie Sohn, Michael Groß [Google Scholar]

Influencer marketing: Social media influencers as human brands attaching to followers and yielding positive marketing results by fulfilling needs
Chung-Wha (Chloe) Ki, Leslie M. Cuevas, Sze Man Chong, Heejin Lim [Google Scholar]

How social presence drives commitment and loyalty with online brand communities? the role of social commerce trust
Waqar Nadeem, Amir H. Khani, Carsten D. Schultz, Nawal Abdalla Adam, … Nick Hajli [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequents of consumers not adopting e-commerce
Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Irailton Melo de Souza, Rogério Dias Correia [Google Scholar]

Does self-esteem matter? A framework depicting role of self-esteem between dispositional mindfulness and impulsive buying
Tavleen Kaur Dhandra [Google Scholar]

Brand preference in the face of control loss and service failure: The role of the sound of brands
Jamel Khenfer, Caroline Cuny [Google Scholar]

Emerging cyborg products: An ethical market approach for market segmentation
Mario Arias-Oliva, Jorge Pelegrín-Borondo, Ana María Lara-Palma, Emma Juaneda-Ayensa [Google Scholar]

Triadic relationship between customers, service providers and government in a highly regulated industry
Sara Quach, Park Thaichon, Chandana Hewege [Google Scholar]

Stock replenishment policies for a vendor-managed inventory in a retailing system
Ata Allah Taleizadeh, Iman Shokr, Ioannis Konstantaras, Mahyar VafaeiNejad [Google Scholar]

Exploring hotel brand attachment: The mediating role of sentimental value
Yan Liu, Yan Kou, Zhenzhong Guan, JiaJing Hu, Bo Pu [Google Scholar]

Retail location preferences: A comparative analysis
Oluwole Adeniyi, Abraham Brown, Paul Whysall [Google Scholar]

Exploring customer sentiment regarding online retail services: A topic-based approach
Jia-Jhou Wu, Sue-Ting Chang [Google Scholar]

Special Section with Papers from 3rd International Colloquium on Design, Branding and Marketing

Introduction to the special issue of the 3rd International Colloquium on design, branding and marketing
Athina Dilmperi, Charles McIntyre, Charles Dennis, T.C. Melewar [Google Scholar]

Store of the future: Towards a (re)invention and (re)imagination of physical store space in an omnichannel context
Bethan Alexander, Marta Blazquez Cano [Google Scholar]

Designing retail – Unravelling coping strategies through emphatic interviewing owner managers.
Signe Mørk Madsen, Ann Petermans [Google Scholar]

Investigating the link between innovation and mainstream adoption: How to identify consumer trends
Carol Cloughton [Google Scholar]

A holistic competence framework for (future) retail design and retail design education
Katelijn Quartier, Stephanie Claes, Jan Vanrie [Google Scholar]