J Dest Mar Man


Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 16



Special Issue on Emotions in Tourist Experiences: Advancing our conceptual, methodological and empirical understanding

Emotions in tourist experiences: Advancing our conceptual, methodological and empirical understanding
Sameer Hosany, Philippa Hunter-Jones, Scott McCabe [Google Scholar]

Evaluating tourists’ emotional experiences regarding destination casino resorts: An impact-asymmetry analysis
Ivan Ka Wai Lai, Ting Yang, Michael Hitchcock [Google Scholar]

The impact of travel motivation on emotions: A longitudinal study
Yeqiang (Kevin) Lin, Jeroen Nawijn [Google Scholar]

The relationships among nostalgic emotion, destination images and tourist behaviors: An empirical study of Istanbul
Ali E. Akgün, Hayat Ayar Senturk, Halit Keskin, Izzet Onal [Google Scholar]

Experiencing designs and designing experiences: Emotions and theme parks from a symbolic interactionist perspective
Edgar Cabanas [Google Scholar]

Emotional brand communication on Facebook and Twitter: Are DMOs successful?
Lidija Lalicic, Assumpció Huertas, Antonio Moreno, Mohammed Jabreel [Google Scholar]

Conveying pre-visit experiences through travel advertisements and their effects on destination decisions
Christiana Tercia, Thorsten Teichert, Dini Sirad, Agus Soehadi [Google Scholar]

Effects of pre-existing family dynamics on emerging adult college students’ emotions over the course of fall break
Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer, Jennifer Zorotovich, Patricia N.E. Roberson, Nadia Flanigan, Jie Gao [Google Scholar]

Motivations, emotions and satisfaction: The keys to a tourism destination choice
Maria Helena Pestana, Artur Parreira, Luiz Moutinho [Google Scholar]

Regular Articles

The interplay between social media communication, brand equity and brand engagement in tourist destinations: An analysis in an emerging economy
Rocío Huerta-Álvarez, Jesús J. Cambra-Fierro, Maria Fuentes-Blasco [Google Scholar]

Predictors of tourist engagement: Travel motives and tourism destination profiles
Jenely Dayana Villamediana-Pedrosa, Natalia Vila-López, Inés Küster-Boluda [Google Scholar]

Why tourists engage in online collective actions in times of crisis: Exploring the role of group relative deprivation
Xueting Zhai, Qiuju Luo, Long Wang [Google Scholar]

Comparing the perspectives of municipal tourism departments and cultural departments on urban cultural-tourism development
Sung-Ta Liu [Google Scholar]

Understanding aesthetic experiences in nature-based tourism: The important role of tourists’ literary associations
Qingfang Zhang, Honggang Xu [Google Scholar]

The effect of tour interpretation on perceived heritage values: A comparison of tourists with and without tour guiding interpretation at a heritage destination
Lisheng Weng, Zengxian Liang, Jigang Bao [Google Scholar]

Push-motivation-based emotional arousal: A research study in a coastal destination
Özlem Güzel, Ilker Sahin, Chris Ryan [Google Scholar]

Health destination image: The influence of public health management and well-being conditions
Antonio-Angel Moreno-González, Carmelo J. León, Carlos Fernández-Hernández [Google Scholar]

Drawing a destination logo from memory and its influence on the destination perception
Nataša Slak Valek [Google Scholar]

A latent class segmentation analysis of gamblers in a gambling destination
Jun (Justin) Li, Mark Bonn, Jong-Hyeong Kim [Google Scholar]

A model of tourists’ civilized behaviors: Toward sustainable coastal tourism in China
Jia Liu, Keke An, SooCheong (Shawn) Jang [Google Scholar]

The floating vacationer: Destination choices and the gap between plans and behavior
Fred Bronner, Robert de Hoog [Google Scholar]

Building resident commitment through tourism consumption: A relational cohesion lens
Danni Zheng [Google Scholar]

TEMPORARY REMOVAL: The role of destination image as a mediator between tourists’ emotional experiences and behavioral intentions: A study of wellness tourism
Pramod Sharma, Jogendra Kumar Nayak [Google Scholar]