J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 36 (7/8)



Behind influencer marketing: key marketing decisions and their effects on followers’ responses
Martínez-López; Anaya-Sánchez; Fernández Giordano; Lopez-Lopez [Google Scholar]

The effects of competitive context on consumer response to price changes
Dunn; Dawes; Bogomolova [Google Scholar]

The analogue diaries of postdigital consumption
Humayun; Belk [Google Scholar]

Understanding drivers and outcomes of lurking vs. posting engagement behaviours in social media-based brand communities
Fernandes; Castro [Google Scholar]

Hide and uncover: the use of secrets in marketing
Fedorenko; Berthon; Edelman [Google Scholar]

Symbolic violence and marketing ECRs in the neoliberal University
Gordon; Zainuddin [Google Scholar]

Exploring the need for (extreme) speed: motivations for and outcomes of discontinuous NPD acceleration
Shaner; Fenik; Noble; Lee [Google Scholar]