MASSIG Lifetime Achievement


Scot Burton is the recipient of the AMA's Marketing and Society SIG's 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award


Author: Marie Yeh

AMA’s Marketing & Society SIG is very pleased to announce that Scot Burton, Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Tyson Research Chair, University of Arkansas, has been awarded the 2020 Marketing & Society SIG Lifetime Achievement Award. Lifetime Achievement award recipients make a significant contribution to research advancing the study of marketing and societal issues throughout their career with research that demonstrates significance, innovation and methodological rigor AND substantively has advanced our understanding of issues of importance to our society.

Over the course of his career, Scot has authored (and co-authored) over 120 journal articles and 100 conference proceedings, almost all of which have addressed important topics in marketing and society/public policy. He is arguably the leading expert on nutritional labeling in the world based on his prolific research record in this area, including major articles on front-of-pack labeling, nutritional claims, nutrition facts panels, and restaurant caloric labeling. Scot has won numerous awards over the years, including twice receiving the Thomas C. Kinnear Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Award for outstanding article (2012; 2013), and being nominated as a finalist several times. He won an outstanding article award (2013) for Journal of Advertising as well. Scot has been recognized as the second most prolific author for referred journal publications in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing for the years 1992-2001 and tied for third over the period from 1982-2001. In 2000, he was recognized as being one of the top 25 researchers in the entire marketing discipline in six prestigious marketing journals (JM, JMR, JCR, JR, JAMS, MS).

Scot has also made a critical impact on the field as a leader and mentor.  His most recent stint as Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing has stewarded the journal to doubling its output and positioning it to continue leading the way in business research that makes a difference in the world.  His mentorship of doctoral students has ensured the future of our field creating numerous scholars that also conduct impactful research.  In fact, at least 2 of his students have won MASSIG’s Emerging Scholar awards with Christopher Berry being selected this year.

More importantly, Scot’s research has made a significant impact on public policy.  His work has been used to guide policy by the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Nutrition and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Food Forum. Professor Burton’s research on e-cigarette and cigarette health warnings, food deserts, sustainability, pathological gambling, and alcohol warnings also has made important contributions to the public policy field.

The purpose of AMA’s MASSIG is to foster and support a research community that makes a difference in the world. Scot and his research career truly embodies the spirit of the MASSIG and stands as a shining example of what we all should endeavor to be in our careers.